Engineering Language Unit

English: Grammar Workshops

Provided by: ELU

Thu 6 Mar 2014  –  Department of Engineering, Language Unit Meeting Room

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Description: Workshop to revise and improve some aspects of English grammar.

Target audience:

  • Non-native PhD and Postdoc, MPhil by Research students from the Department of Engineering

Duration: One session of two hours


Number of sessions: 1

Date Time Venue Trainer
Thu 6 Mar 11:15 - 13:15 Department of Engineering, Language Unit Meeting Room Sheila Dodds

Format: Class work and individual study

Frequency: Yearly


  • Participants must be Non-native speakers


  • To help students revise and extend their understanding of how to use verbs in both written and spoken English.

Topics covered:

  • We will be looking at tenses, conditionals, modal verbs and passives.
  • As time will be limited, it will not be possible to cover any of these topics comprehensively, and we will therefore be focusing on some of the areas that most often cause students difficulty.

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