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English: Writing - Grammar Surgery new 

Provided by: ELU

Tue 17 Jun 2014  –  Department of Engineering, Lecture Room 12

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Description: Here we'll analyse and edit your own written work and focus on the grammar issues that arise. I will ask all participants to submit a piece of writing in advance, and the workshop will be based on these. It's a good opportunity to get direct feedback on your own work!

Target audience:

  • Non-native PhD and Postdoc, MPhil by Research students from the Department of Engineering
  • Further details regarding Engineering Language Unit's eligibility criteria are available

Duration: One two hour session


Number of sessions: 1

Date Time Venue Trainer
Tue 17 Jun 11:00 - 13:00 Department of Engineering, Lecture Room 12 Helen. East

Frequency: Once a year

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