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This online seminar is the third in a three-part series that has been designed to support staff in investigating, understanding and addressing the awarding gaps in their courses, Departments or Colleges.

This session builds on the previous two webinars to consider appropriate and context-specific interventions to narrow these gaps.

The session will start with reflections from a panel of staff and students who have developed discipline or context-specific initiatives. In the second half participants will brainstorm possibilities for activities that would suit their students and contexts, or to share examples of their work in progress. The session will conclude with advice on evaluation strategies to determine impact.

  • Please note that we are using the term ‘awarding gap’ instead of ‘attainment gap’ to indicate the shift in · focus across the Higher Education sector in conversation from student deficit and to institutional responsibility

Please contact the co-facilitators Dr Ruth Walker (CCTL) or Gina Warren (E&D) if you have any questions about the seminars or related resources.

This course will be facilitated online via Zoom

Moving Supervisions Online new Self-taught Booking not required

This introductory guide addresses planning for and conducting online supervisions, including practical considerations about devices, platforms and tools, as well as structuring online conversations and giving feedback. We have also developed more detailed guides on a range of technological and educational issues, including setting up supervisions using videoconferencing, accessibility for students with disabilities and neurodiversity, guiding inclusive discussions and interactions, and some approaches to important supervision activities (such as group discussions and problem solving) which could be used to complement videoconferencing or to help students (and supervisors) if necessary. All of these more detailed resources are accessible from the main guide.

How to Access the Guide

For more information and a link to the guide please visit the CCTL website on Teaching Remotely

Do you get nervous when teaching or lecturing? Do you get the results you want from your communications with others at work? Does presenting remotely feel like an additional obstacle to overcome?

This individually focused and completely confidential one-to-one coaching session for Cambridge staff with teaching responsibilities will help you refine your teaching and presentation skills, assist you to speak more confidently, and develop new approaches to your communication in a wide range of professional situations. As well as learning some strategies for to holding the attention of a room full of students or peers – or monitor full of viewers.

Constructive feedback will give you insight into your speaking style, how you come across to others, and how well your ideas are communicated. Coaching will focus on your individual requirements, ranging from practical points about elocution and vocal projection, to holding the attention of a room of students and structuring a compelling lecture or presentation.

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Date Availability
Fri 28 May 2021 15:00 [Full]
Fri 28 May 2021 16:00 [Full]
Mon 7 Jun 2021 14:00 [Full]
Mon 7 Jun 2021 15:00 [Full]
Mon 7 Jun 2021 16:00 [Full]

Please note: this course was formerly called 'Effective Undergraduate Supervision'.

This course prepares you to supervise undergraduate students at the University of Cambridge in AHSS subjects. It explores the challenges and approaches involved in supervising undergraduates as well as providing practical advice and strategies.

The course consists of three components:

1. A pre-workshop self-paced module containing information on the Cambridge supervision system and introduces the principles and practices of effective teaching.
2. A live online workshop that incorporates personal reflection on teaching practice, discussion of real teaching scenarios, a chance to discuss and ask questions and access to practical information about organising and carrying out your supervisions.
3. A post-workshop information pack containing additional resources for ongoing support and information

The training provided in this course complements any training you may receive from your department or college and is required by colleges before you can carry out supervisions.

Is English not your first language?

Would you like to incorporate Standard English pronunciation into your everyday speech?

This course will look at the differences and similarities between your natural accent and that of Standard English. It will help to maintain positive aspects of your natural accent whilst enabling you to be easily understood by native English speakers.

This course will be facilitated online via Zoom.