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Instructor-led course

Provided by: Engineering Centre for Languages & Inter-Communication

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Spanish: Advanced Intensive


This course is for those who have an intermediate knowledge of Spanish and who wish to study more advanced aspects of the language and culture. You just need to be comfortable using the basic language and speaking, not be an expert! Communicative context, with videos, audio, texts and conversation.

Target audience
  • Postgraduates in Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, Materials Science, Computer Laboratory, Chemistry, Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership and Judge Business School
  • Further details regarding Engineering Language Unit's eligibility criteria are available
  • Participants must have a high GCSE or above
Topics covered
  • Muchos países, una misma lengua
  • España e Hispanoamérica, ayer y hoy
  • El potencial energético del mundo hispano
  • Historia de la ciencia en el mundo hispano
  • Grandes países, grandes obras
  • El mundo hispano y la ecología
  • Los hispanos entre nosotros y con el mundo
  • Organismos hispanos
  • Sacamos conclusiones

To obtain AS level by the end of the course


Class work and individual study


Course syllabus is available


Nine sessions of two hours



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