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Instructor-led course

Provided by: Office of Scholarly Communication

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Peer-reviewed journals: what you need to know about publishing (for the Faculty of Education)


This course answers all the questions that come up when you start to publish your research in academic journals. It will be a fast-paced overview of the publishing process, from choosing a journal to dealing with peer-review. We will also explore some recent developments in the publishing landscape: the preregistration of trials and preprints. By the end of the session, publishing will seem less daunting and you will be able to avoid of common pitfalls.

Target audience
  • PhD students
  • Consider how to chose a journal, including the use of impact factor and other metrics
  • Understand the growing movement towards Open Access publishing
  • Know how to spot predatory publishers
  • Understand how preprints and the preregistration of science work and what advantages they bring
  • Understand how the peer review process works


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One 90 minutes session

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