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Instructor-led course

Provided by: University Information Services

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LaTeX: Introduction to Text Processing


LaTeX is a powerful document description language built on top of TeX. It is available on Unix, Windows and Macintoshes. It can be used for the presentation of plain text (including accented characters and letters outside the English alphabet), the typesetting of mathematics, the generation of tables, and producing simple diagrams. It is particularly suited for the writing of theses, papers and technical documents.

Target audience
  • All current University members (departments and colleges)
  • Further details regarding eligibility criteria are available

Basic computer skills i.e. familiarity with using a keyboard and mouse. No prior knowledge of TeX will be assumed but some familiarity with Unix will be useful for following the demonstrations.

Topics covered
  • Introduction
  • Structure of a LaTeX document
  • Structure of LaTeX commands
  • Characters in LaTeX
  • Text - sectioning, titles, footnotes and marginal notes
  • Environments, poetry, lists and tabular data
  • Cross references and simple bibliographies
  • Floating blocks
  • Defining new commands and changing fonts
  • Simple diagrams in LaTeX
  • Mathematical aspects

Presentations, demonstrations and practicals

Taught using

LaTeX on MCS Windows


Two half day sessions


Events available