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Instructor-led course

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May 2023

July 2023

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Welcome to New Staff


The University of Cambridge is committed to effective induction for all new members of staff. In addition to the welcome and induction you will receive in your institution, you are warmly invited to take part in the University’s two-stage induction.

The first stage comprises the University’s Induction Online programme. This web resource is a quick and easy way for you to learn all about what it is like to work here as well as understand your role and responsibilities. It provides key information to help you:

  • settle into your new role quickly
  • orientate yourself in your first few weeks at the University
  • integrate into the University
  • understand how the University works

The second stage is a Welcome to New Staff presentation event, hosted by Personal and Professional Development (PPD). The Welcome event aims to provide a broad introduction to all University staff, providing information about the University to enable you to get the most out of your time here. This event will be an online webinar. The event comprises:

  • A welcome and introduction to the University from a senior member of the University
  • A presentation providing an update on the University’s response to supporting staff during this pandemic, working from home, returning or continuing to work at the University
  • A presentation on the benefits of being part of the University of Cambridge
Target audience
  • University staff
  • Further details regarding PPD's eligibility criteria
  • If you are newly appointed academic staff, you will receive an invitation email to a tailored ‘Welcome for Academics’ event held every year in October
  • If you are a Postdoc employed by the University please visit the information page about the Postdoc welcome event, run by the Postdoc Academy
  • to welcome new members of staff
  • to identify key characteristics of the University's cultures, processes and values
  • to provide an opportunity to ask questions
  • to provide an opportunity to network with colleagues
  • to provide an opportunity to learn about the range of facilities and support services offered by the University

Important - please read

This event has a very large waiting list. If you are unable to attend, you are kindly requested to cancel your booking, at least two weeks prior to the event date. This is to allow sufficient time for other members of staff on the waiting list to have the opportunity to accept an offer of your place.

  • One half day session
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