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Good Conversations: Podcast new Self-taught Booking not required

As a leader/manager you will have various types of conversations with your team members, this could include giving instructions, coaching, communicating information from others and providing feedback. This podcast focuses on giving feedback and how to do this well. Reshmin Haq from Personal and Professional Development (PPD) is joined by Tracey Boram, HR Shared Services Manager to discuss all things feedback including a model to use when giving constructive feedback!

Access the recording of the Good Conversations Podcast.

How Do We Do Change: Podcast new Self-taught Booking not required

Change is constant and inevitable, but how do we do change well? How do we embrace it and how do we get everyone on board? What does successful change look like and what pitfalls should we avoid. In this podcast, Emma Marron, the Head of HR Shared Services at the University joins Reshmin Haq (PPD) and shares her many experiences on change and discusses how to implement a successful change.

To find out more about the Kotter model mentioned in the podcast, check out PPD’s resource on this - Leading change model | Personal and Professional Development (

Access the recording of the How Do We Do Change Podcast.

Let Us Talk Teams: Podcast new Self-taught Booking not required

How do you lead, build and contribute to creating effective Teams? What is the secret map for this? In this podcast, Reshmin Haq (PPD) discusses building effective teams using the Tuckman model with Daniela Manca (University Recovery Programme).

Access the recording of the Let us Talk Teams Podcast.

New Horizons: Podcast new Self-taught Booking not required

Starting something new, a new project, a new initiative, a new strategy is always daunting but where do you start and how and what do you do? What should you not do and who do you take with you on your new venture? We discuss this with Joy Houghton, the Chief of Staff of the University of Cambridge's first overseas research centre, the Cambridge Centre for Advanced Research and Education in Singapore (CARES). In this podcast, find out more about Joy’s work and experience in setting up CARES.

Access the recording of the New Horizons Podcast.

Using Leadership Styles Effectively: Podcast new Self-taught Booking not required

For anyone with professional responsibility for others, the style and approach they use will adapt depending on the situation. There is no ‘one style’ that works all the time. In this podcast, Reshmin Haq (PPD) is joined by Alex Drury (Faculty manager for Music) to introduce the Situational Leadership Styles model and discuss his experience of adapting his approach with different colleagues, in different situations and at different times.

Access the recording of the Using Leadership Styles Effectively Podcast.

The ability to recruit and retain the best staff is critical to the success of your team and the wider University. Recruitment and retention has been a hot topic across the University over recent months, where we have witnessed increased difficulty in attract staff in a wide range of roles and functional areas. How can you effectively create, describe and promote your vacancies? How do you decide what criteria should be essential and which ones should be desirable? How do you conduct effective interviews, so that learn more about the candidate’s suitability, whilst creating a positive experience for the candidate? In this podcast, Reshmin Haq (PPD) talks all things recruitment with Andrew Rowland (Resourcing Adviser).

Access the recording of the LMN: Recruiting the Right Candidate podcast