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Clinical Trials: Sites, Medicines and Devices new Tue 3 Nov 2020   13:00 [Places]

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Cost and Price in Research Contracts new Wed 14 Oct 2020   16:00 Finished
  • What is a full economic cost (fEC)?
  • Expenses to consider
  • Overheads
  • Calculating costs for industry
  • Presenting price
  • Questions
Dimensions Plus: An Introduction new Fri 12 Jul 2019   12:00 Finished

The session will cover:

  • Using dimensions to learn about researchers’ interests.
  • Using interests to map to the many various themes/calls, etc.
  • Working out who to approach on specific projects.
  • Working out what happens elsewhere and how to make the most of that knowledge.

Please make sure you spend some time to look at the available resources below to get an idea of the system:

  • Putting projects into context
  • How & Why to see the bigger picture when helping to initiate external collaborations
  • Key concepts that impact on the nature of interactions with collaborators
  • Points to address and consequences if not
  • Case studies
Export Control Seminar new Tue 27 Oct 2020   10:00 [Places]

The United Kingdom, alongside most other countries, enforces controls on the export of military and dual use (i.e. civil technologies which have the potential to be used for military purposes) items, software and technology (‘technology’ is defined as information necessary for the development, production or use of goods).

As such, researchers at the University of Cambridge may be subject to UK Export Control legislation, and also US export licence conditions for technology imported from the United States. These regulations have the potential to apply to a range of activities, including research, teaching, visiting scientists and technology transfer.

Failure to observe these rules is a criminal offence for the researcher (responsible for primary awareness as the application of the rules to their research) and/or the University (failure to provide adequate guidance/internal processes/regulation at the appropriate level). It is therefore extremely important that researchers and those who support researchers are aware of their responsibilities under law and University compliance procedures.

You will gain an understanding of:

  • Risks associated with your research project and how to manage them;
  • How your research project impacts the University finances;
  • Key lessons and where you can go to for support.
Framework Agreements and Clinical Research new Wed 21 Oct 2020   10:00 Finished
  • Research Governance Agreement
  • Technology Transfer Agreement
  • Medical Research Council - Cancer Unit
  • Medical Research Council - Epidemiology

This introductory session is designed to give you an overview of the grant life cycle and the systems used in Research Operations Office to administer research grants. It will cover:

  • Definition of a research grant
  • ROO acronyms relevant to the subject
  • Overview of Research Administration systems
  • Research Grant Life Cycle timeline with an emphasis on ownership and risks of specific areas
  • Useful resources for reference
HTA MTAs new Tue 15 Dec 2020   10:00 [Places]

« Description not available »

Introduction to Cambridge Research Office new Wed 7 Oct 2020   10:00 Finished

The training will cover the following key points:

  • University Governance
  • The Cambridge Research Office structure
  • Grant Management
  • University’s communication channels
  • University’s key messages
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