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Instructor-led course

Provided by: Cambridge University Libraries

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Getting started with finding and managing your biological sciences references with Zotero (Part IA/IB)


Using a reference manager is one of the best ways to look after all of the reading, notes and research that make up undergraduate study in a biological sciences subject. A really good reference manager can even take some of the pain out of referencing in essays and assignments, making sure you don't miss a thing while working to a deadline.

This session will introduce Zotero, an open source reference manager tool. Using live demonstrations, discussions, and troubleshooting common referencing issues, the session will give an in-depth look at how Zotero (and tools like it) can help you manage your work in the first year or two of your degree, ensuring that you don't lose any essential resources and are well equipped with a useful tool for when you start having to do research work for your Part II studies.

Target audience

Part IA/IB NST, PBST or MVST undergraduates


This session will be delivered using Zoom so please ensure you have it installed ahead of the session. A joining link will be sent out as part of the booking confirmation process.

If you require any help before the session, such as accessibility support, please email the Library Manager for Biological Sciences, George Cronin (, for further assistance.

Biological Sciences Study Skills

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