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What would happen to your research data if your lab exploded, or your laptop was stolen, or your cloud storage account was hacked? How could you prevent data loss in these situations? Managing your data effectively is vital to help you do this.

This workshop will introduce the basic principles of Research Data Management (RDM) and how they are relevant throughout the research life cycle.

Intended for those who are new to RDM, this course will firstly explain what RDM is, and then go on to cover basic data back-up and storage options, file sharing tools, and strategies for organising your data, as well as providing guidance on managing personal or sensitive data. You will also learn about the range of support services available to you within the University for managing your data.

If you already have a basic understanding of RDM then the advanced course is probably more appropriate for you to attend.

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Tue 29 Oct 2019 10:00 [Places]

Electronic resources in Theology and Religious Studies will give a brief overview of the various e-resources, which are particularly relevant for undergraduate students.

E-resources in Theology and Religious Studies will give a brief overview of the most relevant online resources for undergraduates.

English Faculty: UL Tour Fri 21 Oct 2016   12:00 Finished

An Orientation tour of the University Library for English Faculty students, led by members of the English Faculty Library staff.

To book your place, please go to the English Faculty Library's booking system and click on the tour you wish to attend.

E-Resources drop-in new Mon 6 Nov 2017   12:45 Finished

A drop-in session where members of the e-journals and e-books teams will be on hand to help with any questions you may have about these resources.

This session covers the essential pieces of information needed to perform searches for eresources, ejournals and ebooks on the different interfaces available to you in Cambridge. It includes recommended approaches to searching articles in journals and appropriate citation databases in different subject areas. You will be guided to preferred routes to access resources off campus and given help on the various platforms for accessing ebooks.

Finding Secondary Literature Wed 13 Nov 2019   12:00 [Places]

Finding secondary literature to inform and support your research is paramount to any higher-level research. This session focuses on the concepts as well as practical issues, to give participants a more comprehensive understanding of the issues and features of literature searching.

Please bring your own wifi-connected device, so that you can look at some of the platforms.

Find What You Need Fast - Life Sciences Resources new Mon 30 Oct 2017   15:00 Finished

This session will show what electronic resources are available to researchers in the Life Sciences. You will be shown how to effectively search specialist databases so you can get exactly what you want, when you want from University of Cambridge resources.

This session will show what electronic resources are available to researchers in the Physical Sciences and Technology areas. You will be shown how to effectively search specialist databases so you can get exactly what you want, when you want from University of Cambridge resources.

Getting Recognition for Your Own Research new Tue 21 Nov 2017   12:00 Finished

This session will introduce participants to the wonderful world of open access, pre-prints, ORCiD, Symplectic and even Creative Commons licencing. All these tools and systems can help you gain recognition and keep ownership of your research, as well as sharing it widely with others raising your research profile all at the same time.

The session will open with a presentation and will then move into a 1-2-1 focused drop-in clinic where participants can explore individual tools with help from library staff.

Session structure:

12pm-1pm: Presentation overview of the tools and services covered in session

1pm-2pm: Drop-in clinic with 1-2-1 support from librarians looking at tools individually

While the session has a STEM focus, it is open to all University members. Booking not required but is strongly encouraged so we have an idea of numbers.

Getting started with Non-Print Legal Deposit new Fri 4 Jan 2019   11:30 Finished

By law, a copy of every UK print publication must be given to the British Library by its publishers, and to five other major libraries, including Cambridge University Library, that request it. Since April 2013 Legal Deposit has included material published digitally and online.

Non-print Legal Deposit material is accessed via designated PCs in the University Library and Affiliated Libraries.

With the amount of material now deposited electronically increasing, the University Library is offering informal training sessions with staff from the Reference Department. Whether you require a general overview or have specific enquiries, these sessions will be of help to you.

A member of staff will be available from 11.30-12.00 every Wednesday. There is no need to book a place; please make yourself known to staff at the enquiry desk in the main Reading Room.

Getting to Know Scopus Mon 25 Nov 2019   10:00 [Places]

Scopus is a citation and abstract database of peer-reviewed literature that can be used by researchers to determine the impact of specific authors, articles/documents, and journals. It contains over 76 million records in the areas of science, technology, medicine, social sciences, arts, and humanities. In Scopus, it is possible to perform quick searches by document, author, or affiliation. You will learn how to perform basic searches, analyse the results, check affiliation and researcher profiles and consult journal metrics for the over 23,000 titles currently in Scopus.

This session will be delivered by Dr Charles Martinez, Senior Customer Consultant, Elsevier.

Please bring your own device so you are able to follow along with the session examples.

Handling Medieval and Modern Manuscripts new Tue 24 Oct 2017   11:30 Finished

An introduction to the correct handling procedures for modern and medieval manuscripts, with demonstrations of how to use rests, cushions and weights, and how to deal with damaged or fragile materials, using items from the University Library collections.

Handling Special Collections Material Tue 21 Oct 2014   13:00 Finished

Archives and manuscripts are unique, often fragile and irreplaceable. To avoid damage and deterioration, they need to be handled with particular care. This session will offer a practical introduction to handling archives and manuscript material.

HASS Graduate Referencing Showcase new Tue 22 Oct 2019   14:00 [Places]

Interested in using software to manage and organise your references, but not sure where to start? Or confused about the different software options available? Come along and hear about two popular reference management software packages - Zotero and Mendeley - and learn how they work and which of them might suit you best.

Help! I Need to Find Stuff For My Project Now! new Tue 22 Oct 2019   13:00 [Places]

This session equips participants with all the fundamental skills that they need to build and execute effective search strategies to locate and critically evaluate relevant materials for assignments, literature reviews, projects and other related research activities. The structure of the session with move through the processes of basic keyword generation, constructing search strings, understanding which resources to search, before finishing with developing critical evaluation skills to assess quality and relevance of found items

This session will take place in the Pink Room. If this session is fully booked please join the waiting list - we will move venues if there is demand.

This session will introduce participants to different methods of communicating research before moving on to a discussion around best practice and techniques when preparing a presentation. Participants will be introduced to concepts around good design, accessibility, data presentation, and accessing Creative Commons licenced materials for their work. The session will conclude with an exploration of good delivery techniques with additional advice on what to do if it all goes wrong.

This session will take place in the Pink Room. If this session is fully booked please join the waiting list - we will move venues if there is demand.

This session will help prepare you to begin your literature review. You will learn strategies for searching for relevant material, how to troubleshoot common search problems, and how to stay up to date with new publications in your field.

Please bring a laptop, tablet or other web-enabled devide with you to the session.

This session will develop skills that will help you get the most out of your literature review. From a foundation of effective search strategies, you will learn how to critically appraise academic literature, techniques for getting through sources quickly and evaluating their relevance, engaging with key material and beginning to write your literature review itself, as well as ensuring accuracy in your citations and references.

Please bring a laptop, tablet or other web-enabled device with you to the session.

How To Prepare A Polished Conference Poster new Tue 14 May 2019   13:00 Finished

Need to create a conference poster but are not sure where to start? This session will introduce participants to the fundamentals of designing an effective and engaging poster that is perfect for communicating research ideas. The session will look at good design practice, where to source free high quality graphics, as well as deciding what you should (and maybe shouldn't) include in your final poster.

iDiscover: Drop-in Surgery new Fri 8 Feb 2019   09:00 Finished

Need help with iDiscover? Call in at the General Enquiries Helpdesk (on the landing above the Entrance Hall) where a member of Library staff will be able to help you search our print and online collections, answer any questions you have, or give you a general overview.

Every Friday between 9.00 and 10.15.

iDiscover drop-in tutorial new Wed 8 Mar 2017   11:00 Finished

A series of drop-in tutorials for iDiscover. University Library staff will be on hand to demonstrate iDiscover and answer any questions you may have. There's no need to book; just call-in at the General Enquiries Helpdesk on the first floor landing.

Presentation and Q&A discussion on all matters relating to image copyright. This will be an informal brown-bag session, so feel free to bring your lunch.

Images For Your Research: ARTstor Digital Library Wed 28 Jan 2015   14:30 Finished

ARTstor Digital Library is the database for images. An image library for the Arts and Sciences of over a million digital images, ARTstor comprises images for education, research and teaching across multiple disciplines in the humanities and social sciences and sciences, including art, architecture, music, religion, anthropology, literature, history, American studies, Asian studies, and classical studies. This course will explore the content on offer in ARTstor, searching techniques, creating images groups and folders, using ARTstor images in presentations, and other tools available from the database.

The course is designed to be "hands-on", so you are warmly invited to bring along any current research topics, interests and queries.

Introduction to Bibliographic Searching in Theology and Religious Studies will give a brief overview of the issues of searching for publications in general, and follow this up with searching the specialist Theology and Religious studies bibliographic database ATLA.

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