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Engineering: MBTI Workshop new Tue 16 Sep 2014   14:00 Finished

The post-doc committee is proud to present this workshop for research staff, to be held in LR 11 on Tuesday 16th of September, 2-5.30pm.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is the most widely used personality instrument worldwide, based on over 50 years’ research and development. It presents a framework for understanding yourself and others and how you can use that understanding to develop personally and our relationships with others.

This workshop is run by Katie Hewitt, a qualified MBTI practitioner, and will include:

  • completion of the MBTI questionnaire
  • investigating the four areas of preference covered by MBTI
  • self-assessment of type with group exercises
  • looking at your best fit type and investigating how it could help you at work.

Learning about your personality type can help you to understand your role within your team and the role of others. It can also help you to cope with organisational change, deal with stress effectively and develop your emotional intelligence.

This briefing covers managing publication lists, Open Access requirements and funding, copyright issues and about how the library can support your teaching and research within the Department of Engineering.

Engineering: Copyright for Administrators new Wed 26 Aug 2015   11:00 Finished

Students frequently ask for lecture materials and to be made available to them through Camtools or Moodle to help them prepare for lectures, solve problems or revise at a later stage. What are the copyright implications of this?

This one-hour session will take you through legitimate ways to upload course materials and provide a case study of the issues encountered by an administrator in the Department when sorting out an existing Camtools site. The session will focus particularly on how we can use images within lecture materials online and provide tips and tricks for ensuring that uploaded materials comply with copyright requirements.

Is working with a company sponsor a new experience for you? Do you plan to spend time working at your sponsor's company/business premises during your PhD/research contract? Philip Guildford,the Department's Director of Research, will share some tips on working in a professional environment and creating a good relationship with your company sponsor. Highly recommended for PhD students or postdocs who have little or no prior experience of working in/with industry or business.

Postdoc Mentoring Training (West Cambridge) new Tue 19 Mar 2019   14:00 Finished

Postdoc mentoring training with Katie D'Arcy, organised by the Engineering Department Postdoc Committee (EDPC).

Engineering: Supervisor feedback session new Wed 5 Jul 2017   11:00 Finished

This session is for all those new to supervising in the Department of Engineering who took the supervisor training sessions we ran in the current academic year ( 2016-17). Come along and share your experiences of actually supervising. What did you struggle with? What did you find useful? Any tips that would be useful to share? Is there more the Department could provide to help you get started with supervising?

Dr Alexandre Kabla and Sue Jackson will be leading the session. Do come along, contribute and hear what everyone has to say.

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