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So what happens after your postdoc? If “another postdoc” gives you mixed feelings, come and hear how to segue from academia to a more industrial or commercial career. Cambridge Enterprise will talk about translational funding, to take your current research one more step towards being used in industry, and about different ways to get involved in a spin-out. CE inhabit the space between academia and industry, covering all aspects of commercialisation of university research. This talk will provide lunch and is free of charge.

Designing Conference Posters (Engineering) new Tue 7 May 2019   14:00 Finished

An RDC session for first year PhD students (Division D)

This session will look at key design principles and useful resources for creating a visually appealing conference poster that will stand out from the crowd, engage your audience and tell your story. With real-life examples, you can learn what to do and what not to do when making your conference posters.

Division C Graduate Conference new Mon 6 Jul 2015   08:30 Finished

This conference is an opportunity for Division C students, researchers and staff to find out more about the research that is going on in the department. First year students will be presenting posters during lunch, which is provided, and second years will be giving presentations about their work. There will also be four external speakers including Richard Mullender, an ex-hostage negotiator, and Matt Clifford, CEO of Entrepreneur first. Transport to and from the engineering department has been arranged.

Division C Postdoc Lunch and Termly Update new Mon 21 Mar 2016   12:15 Finished

Head of Division, Robin Langley, will update Division C postdocs on divisional and departmental happenings over lunch, followed by the mentoring training, organised by the Engineering Postdoc Committee.

Division C Postdoc Mentoring Training new Mon 21 Mar 2016   13:00 Finished

Division C Postdoc mentoring training, organised by the Engineering Postdoc Committee.

Editing your work new Wed 23 Sep 2015   12:00 Finished

This session is designed to provide tools and resources to help you edit your own writing. Its aim is practical – to provide participants with concrete methods for improving the quality of their writing as they move from first drafts to finished, professional-level, work.

The methods can also be applied to the editing of other people’s writing – for example, that of co-authors.

Besides that, the session will introduce other editing resources and discuss when and how to work with professional editors.

Effective Listening - the Art of Influence new Mon 21 May 2018   14:00 Finished

An interactive workshop for developing your negotiation skills, designed and delivered by Richard Mullender, an ex hostage negotiator and Former Lead Trainer at the National Crisis & Hostage Negotiation Unit in Scotland Yard.

Engineering: Copyright for Administrators new Wed 26 Aug 2015   11:00 Finished

Students frequently ask for lecture materials and to be made available to them through Camtools or Moodle to help them prepare for lectures, solve problems or revise at a later stage. What are the copyright implications of this?

This one-hour session will take you through legitimate ways to upload course materials and provide a case study of the issues encountered by an administrator in the Department when sorting out an existing Camtools site. The session will focus particularly on how we can use images within lecture materials online and provide tips and tricks for ensuring that uploaded materials comply with copyright requirements.

Engineering: Crash Course: Resources for Part II new Thu 15 Oct 2015   13:15 Finished

We will show you how best to locate books and articles in print and online (include Librarysearch and Librarysearch+).

Engineering: Designing conference posters new Wed 25 Feb 2015   16:00 Finished

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