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Thu 4 Jul 2019
14:00 - 15:00

Venue: Clinical School, Foyer

Provided by: Equality & Diversity


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Menopause Café - Clinical School Café

Thu 4 Jul 2019


Menopause Café

At a Menopause Café people gather to eat cake, drink tea and discuss menopause.

The objective is to increase awareness of the impact of the menopause on those experiencing it, their friends, colleagues and families, so that we can make conscious choices about this third stage of life.

A Menopause Cafe is a group directed discussion of menopause with no agenda, objectives or themes. It is a discussion group rather than a support or counselling session. We may split into small groups and you are welcome to just listen, although we hope you will join in on discussions.

Our Menopause Cafés are offered:

  • On a not for profit basis
  • In an accessible, respectful and confidential space
  • With no intention of leading people to any conclusion, product or course of action
  • Alongside refreshments!

Who is it for? Anybody interested in sharing their stories, experiences and questions about menopause. All genders and all ages. Men and women and inbetween. Old and young and inbetween.


Number of sessions: 1

# Date Time Venue Trainer
1 Thu 4 Jul 2019   14:00 - 15:00 14:00 - 15:00 Clinical School, Foyer map

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