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Self-taught course

Provided by: University Information Services - Digital Literacy Skills


This course is self taught (Materials may be loaned out).

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Microsoft Project 2016 - Level 3

Self-taught course


The skills and knowledge acquired in this course are sufficient for the learner to be able to use Microsoft Project 2016 to create a new project, enter and work with tasks and resources, create a schedule, and print effective project information.

Target audience
  • Microsoft Project 2016 - Level 3 aims to take the learner to more advanced levels of Microsoft Project. It covers a diverse range of topics including working simultaneously on multiple projects, sharing resources between several projects, downsizing very large projects, using templates, and automating operations with VBA.
  • Microsoft Project 2016 - Level 3 assumes a good understanding of creating projects, scheduling, and over allocation problem-solving. However, it would be beneficial to have a general understanding of personal computers and the Windows operating system environment. Some knowledge of working with files and folders on a computer are necessary.
Topics covered

Custom Fields

  • Understanding Custom Fields
  • Creating Custom Fields
  • Inserting Custom Fields
  • Creating A Formula In A Custom Field
  • Modifying A Formula
  • Testing A Formula
  • Understanding Graphical Indicator Custom Fields
  • Creating Graphical Indicator Custom Fields
  • Creating A Lookup Custom Field
  • Creating An Outline Code Mask
  • Entering Lookup Table Values
  • Using A Lookup Table

WBS Codes

  • Understanding WBS Codes
  • Creating WBS Codes
  • Altering Tasks With Custom WBS Codes
  • Renumbering WBS Codes
  • Editing Custom WBS Codes

Custom Views

  • Preparing For The Custom View
  • Creating A Custom Filter For The View
  • Creating A Custom Group For The View
  • Creating A Custom Table For The View
  • Creating The Custom View
  • Removing A Custom View And Its Components

Graphical Reports

  • Understanding Graphical Reports
  • How Graphical Reports Work
  • Running A Report
  • Formatting Chart Objects
  • Manipulating Report Data
  • Filtering Report Data
  • Cloning An Existing Report
  • Creating A New Report
  • Enhancing Report Appearance
  • Making Reports Global
  • Removing Unwanted Reports

Visual Reports

  • Understanding Visual Reports
  • Understanding Excel Visual Reports
  • Creating A Visual Report From A Template
  • Choosing Fields To Display In A Visual Report
  • Changing The X Axis Categories
  • Filtering A Visual Report
  • Formatting A Visual Report
  • Saving A Visual Report As A Template
  • Using A Custom Visual Report Template

Project Templates

  • Understanding Project Templates
  • Examining The Templates
  • Saving A Project As A Template
  • Using A Custom Project Template
  • Specifying The Personal Templates Folder
  • Using The Personal Template Folder
  • Modifying A Template
  • Understanding The Global Template
  • Organising The Global Template
  • Applying A Newly Organised Item
  • Removing Items From The Global Template

Linking And Combining Projects

  • Understanding Linked Projects
  • Combining Projects
  • Viewing A Combined Project
  • Printing From A Combined Project
  • Setting A Combined Project Start Date
  • Changing Data In A Combined Project
  • Saving And Closing A Combined Project
  • Using Only The Combined Project File
  • Using Only Subproject Files
  • Inserting Subprojects
  • Breaking Subproject Links
  • Creating A Read Only Subproject
  • Inserting Task Links
  • Creating A Summary Milestone

Shared Resources

  • Understanding Resource Sharing
  • Creating A Common Resource Pool
  • Linking To An External Pool
  • Linking A New Project File To The Pool
  • Assigning Resources From The Pool
  • Working With Shared Resources
  • Checking For Resource Links
  • Managing Shared Resources
  • Opening Shared Resource Projects
  • Opening The Resource Pool Only
  • Assembling A Resource Master
  • Working With A Resource Master

Downsizing Larger Projects

  • Understanding Project Downsizing
  • Creating The Resource File
  • Creating Smaller Projects
  • Linking Subprojects To Resources
  • Preparing For The Master Project
  • Creating The Downsized Master File
  • Setting Project Links
  • Finalising The Master

Other Applications

  • Understanding Working With Applications
  • Copying A Gantt Chart Image
  • Copying Table Data
  • Copying To Microsoft Excel
  • Linking To Microsoft Excel
  • Exporting To Microsoft Excel
  • Exporting To Excel Using A Map
  • Importing Data From Excel

Working Collaboratively

  • Understanding Collaboration Options
  • Adding A Contact As A Resource
  • Working With A Contact Resource
  • Syncing Tasks With SharePoint
  • Working With A Synced Task List

Microsoft Project VBA

  • Understanding Project VBA
  • Accessing The Developer Tab
  • Recording A Macro
  • Running A Macro
  • Editing A Macro
  • Running An Edited Macro
  • Localising A Macro
  • Running A Localised Macro

At the completion of this course you should be able to:

  • Create and work with several types of custom fields
  • Create and work with WBS Codes
  • Create a custom view with a custom filter, group and table
  • Run and modify standard graphical reports as well as create your own custom reports
  • Create and work with visual reports
  • Work with and create project templates
  • Work with and link multiple projects in Project
  • Create shared resources for use amongst multiple projects
  • Downsize large project files into more manageable entities
  • Export project data to other applications
  • Collaborate on projects with others using Skype for Business and SharePoint
  • Create VBA macros to automate operations in a project file

Watsonia workbook with 127 topics. Files for the exercises are provided on a CD or can be downloaded here


Approximately 10 hours

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