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Join Dr Jill Armstrong, Murray Edwards College, for this research-based workshop on how unintentional bias influences networking and career sponsorship and how to tackle this.

Yvonne McPartland, Deputy Head of the Staff Counselling Centre, will be leading a one hour live event to offer attendees the opportunity to understand how counselling can support personal resilience, especially in the current climate of fear and anxiety.

You will be have the opportunity to safely ask questions to Yvonne and other members of the Staff Counselling Centre team.

Details on how to join this session will be on your booking confirmation email.

Let’s Talk About Race new Wed 17 Oct 2018   12:30 Finished

During this event we will share what we know about the racial composition of the University and what staff and students have told us about their experiences.

We will present the institutional action plan to improve racial equality at Cambridge and will seek your feedback.

The Vice-Chancellor will also reflect on the University’s aspirations and the way forward towards a more inclusive University.

A light lunch will be provided from 12noon.

How we view ourselves and the world around us impacts our ability to dream and achieve.

This session thinks about how an entrepreneurial mind set can help you identify new opportunities, solve problems and make change in your working and personal life.

Our mental health is likely to be impacted in some way by the pandemic and lockdown conditions. Dr Olivia Remes, a researcher at the Institute of Public Health, will explore the nature of depression and anxiety and will suggest practical ways to cope during this challenging time.

Details on how to join this session will be on your booking confirmation email.

Managing Stress in Times of Uncertainty new Wed 11 Dec 2019   14:00 Finished

Stress and its partner anxiety are part of life for us all. In fact, without them, we would not achieve nearly as much as we do. However, too much stress can become problematic. In these times of uncertainty, it is more important than ever to prioritise our mental health, to recognise when we and others are struggling, and to find strategies to help us manage its impact. This talk will put stress and anxiety in context and offer ways in which to think about and manage their effect on us both physiologically and mentally.

Presenter: Ashley Meggitt MSc Ashley is an associate lecturer and research psychologist working at Anglia Ruskin University. He holds a master's degree in psychology and is studying for his PhD. He spent 25 years of his first career working within the Cambridge University and College environment and is well versed with many of the challenges this brings. He has also spent the last 5 years volunteering for a mental health charity.

Menopause Café - Clinical Schools new Thu 12 Dec 2019   10:30 CANCELLED

Menopause Cafés exist to increase awareness of the impact of the menopause on those experiencing it, their friends, colleagues, and families.

Anybody interested in sharing stories, experiences, and questions about menopause is welcome!

New Global Mobility Policy and Guidance new Tue 7 Jul 2020   11:00 [Places]

This session is for staff in HR related roles and will:

  • Introduce the Global Mobility policy and associated guidance documentation.
  • Explore the key considerations when sending or recruiting someone to work overseas on an Assignment.
  • Discuss different types of overseas working and the processes applicable to each case.

Please note: The seminar will be very similar in content to the Global Mobility Seminar held in August 2019.

New Online Career Development Tool new Thu 5 Dec 2019   10:00 Finished

This is a chance to see a demonstration of the new Online Career Development Tool.

During its pilot phase, the new tool is available to participants on the Professional Services Career Development Programme

The CDP is designed to support career development and progression, and particularly welcomes women, BAME staff and other under-represented groups.

After evaluation of the pilot, it is intended that the tool will become available to other Professional Services staff.

New Recruitment Policy and Guidance new Tue 21 Apr 2020   11:00 CANCELLED

This session will introduce and promote the new Recruitment Policy, highlighting the key sections of the policy and how this can support Recruitment activity at the University.

The session will also explore the changes to the recruitment guidance, including a demonstration of the key functionality, a summary of the feedback received during testing and some of the new features that have been added.

There will be ample opportunity to ask any questions relating to the policy or guidance during the seminar.

Please note: The seminar will be very similar in content to the HR Forum sessions that will be taking place over Lent term.

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