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Managing your Time and Digital Productivity new Wed 19 Feb 2020   11:00   [More dates...] [Places]

Does it feel like we are always busy, yet somehow always have too much to do?

This session will help you understand how you work, provide some ways of thinking healthily about the nature of work, and share tips and tools for how you can optimize the way you use your time in your daily life.

Topics to be covered include:

+How to prioritize your time for the work that really counts

+Understanding your work style and habits and how to plan accordingly

+How to manage your time to work most effectively

+Tips, strategies, and tools to help you get the most out of your time

+Managing distractions and interruptions

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Wed 4 Mar 2020 11:00 [Places]

This module comprises a series of six workshops based around a range of multimedia that will enable participants to build a professional identity both online and offline. By the end of this module, participants should have an actionable, usable portfolio.

  • What is your story? (Simon Hall and Tyler Shores)

This workshop contains tips on constructing a compelling and powerful narrative, along with soundbites that can make important points around your research stand out. This session focuses on using social media, how to write a post that will pull people in and come away with a clear idea of how to sell your research:

• Crafting your online and social media identity • Knowing your potential audiences • What do your audiences *really* need to know? • Beyond Google searches: how to be discoverable online

    • Training and Engagement Day - Compulsory**

As part of the ESRC remit, we are required to provide you with a training and engagement day each term to meet the funder's training guidelines.

The agenda for this T&E Day is as follows:

9.30am to 10am: Coffee and catch up

10am to 1pm: Training - Coaching and Self Leadership Skills Training: Dr Steve Joy, Head of Researcher Development Programme

1pm to 2pm: Lunch

2pm to 3pm: Group work around Internships

3pm to 3.30pm: Finish with tea and cake

We hope you will have a chance to work together more and, as before, you will be working in your clusters.

Venue: Seminar Room B, 17 Mill Lane