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Self-taught course

Provided by: Amicus Training


This course is self taught (Online course).

Bookings are not required for this event.

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Amicus online - Viewing a prospect record

Self-taught course


This online course will take you through viewing a prospect record in Amicus:

  • Searching for a prospect record
  • Data tabs and what information is available
  • Navigating around the prospect record
  • How to customise and filter columns within data tabs
  • How to search and view contact reports
  • How to find giving information
  • Quick guide to the solicitation cycle screens
Target audience

All fundraising and alumni relations staff who will use the Amicus system across Development and Alumni Relations, Cambridge in America, Collegiate Cambridge and University institutions.


You must complete the following online course prior to starting this course:


This is an online course. Headphones are required.

System requirements

You will need your Raven login details to access and complete the course. You can access the Viewing a prospect record course via the link. Please follow the instructions displayed.


Maximum 9 minutes. You can exit the course and revisit as many times as you need.

Amicus Online Courses

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