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Self-taught course

Provided by: University Information Services - Digital Literacy Skills


This course is self taught (Online course).

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Cyber Security: Stay Safe Online

Self-taught course


The Cyber Security - Stay Safe Online course is an interactive tutorial relating the current cyber security threats and advice on how to avoid them.

Think you won’t get caught in a phishing scam? Think again, below is the same email address written twice, how quickly can you spot the one containing the error?

It is hard to see the difference, especially when you have a heavy schedule of work and many distractions. The scam address is the bottom one with an 'l' instead of an 'i'. Imagine if you had transferred money or sent some sensitive data to the wrong email address . . . This interactive tutorial aims to raise your awareness of the most common techniques, not only email, that criminals use to gain access to your personal data, University sensitive information and networks. It will take between 30 to 40 minutes to work through and is based on real life scenarios that you may encounter in your day to day work

The course can be accessed on Moodle

Target audience
  • All current Cambridge University members (departments and colleges)
  • Further details regarding eligibility criteria are available
How to Access the Course

This online video can be accessed on Moodle

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