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Self-taught course

Provided by: Researcher Development Programme (RDP)


This course is self taught (Online course).

Bookings are not required for this event.

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Skills Analysis Survey (Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences)

Self-taught course


This online course introduces you to the Cambridge Researcher Development Framework and then asks you to complete a short self-analysis quiz, where you will assess your existing skillset against the key skills identified by the CamRDF and identify target areas for improvement. You are asked to provide examples that demonstrate your skills, to justify your answers and provide a useful reference when creating applications in the future.

This is really the basis upon which you should plan all of your researcher development, so it is a highly recommended course for all postgraduate students! We encourage you to take this course at the beginning of your studies, but also each year thereafter, to guide your researcher development throughout your time here.


  • Understand the key skills needed by a professional researcher
  • Assess your existing skillset against these key skills
  • Plan your development training for the coming year

How do I sign up?

To enrol onto the course, you will need to follow the link below.

You will be asked for an enrolment key: AHSS-sas20

Target audience

Research students in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
Research students from other fields should find the appropriate booking page in the RDP programme.


A Raven password is needed to access this online course.
If you don't already have one, visit:

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