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AR Part 3: Customer set up in Accounts Receivable


With the introduction of e-Sales, and the centralising of setting up customers in Accounts Receivable, there is little need for departments to set up or amend customers in AR. This central service is designed to reduce the administrative burden on the departments, eliminate customer duplication, ensure consistent set up and identify situations where credit checks might be required or where eSales (WPM) would be a better alternative to conventional invoicing.

If a department wishes to maintain this set up within the department a new AR Manager responsibility will be required. To receive this responsibility you must attend this compulsory master class. The master class will provide you with the opportunity to practice setting up and amending customers within CUFS. Upon completion of the course you will receive your AR Manager responsibility.

Please Note: Departments are encouraged to either use e-Sales, or take advantage of this central service. There is no need to register; simply complete and email the form through as and when you have a new customer or amendment request (

eSales Departments are encouraged to consider if using the CUFS module to set up and raise invoices to private individuals is the best option and whether it would be more appropriate to use the University’s online store. For more information please see the eSales website or watch the three short videos below which give an overview of what the eSales system looks like and what it can do.

Introduction to the Online Store

Events and Conferences in the Online Store

Product Catalogues in the Online Store

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