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Instructor-led course

Provided by: Finance Training

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Off Payroll Worker Briefing Sessions


From 6 April 2017 new rules will apply to payments made to limited companies largely controlled by a single individual where they provide services to the University, or agencies providing such resource to the University. The Finance Division is holding a number of seminars to explain procedures and guidelines that they are implementing to help departments manage this risk.

Target audience

Departmental Administrators, finance and HR staff, but also anyone else involved with buying in services where not employing someone via CHRIS


The seminars will explain:

  • Why we must pay some people/organisations through the payroll even if they would rather (or have previously) invoiced the university
  • The tax rules affecting such payments
  • The factors which determine how individual/organisation should be treated
  • The Revised University procedures for making payments to these individuals and organisations
  • How to manage the risk and other useful facts

90 minute seminar that includes worked examples and provides an opportunity for questions


90 minutes


Initial series of roadshows around main locations to launch over a two week period in April

Then twice yearly to meet the needs of new starters or for those requiring refreshers


Events available