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Self-taught course

Provided by: Finance Training


This course is self taught (Online course).

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Cyber Security - March 2021

Self-taught course


This is the first course of the Finance Division's Cyber Security programme. This month we focuses on attacks such as compromised accounts and introducing ransomware, especially whilst working at home.

Target audience

Finance Division staff only

Completion is mandatory for everyone working in the Finance Division – this includes staff, temps and contractors, both new starters and those that have already completed the previous Stay Safe online course. Details of who has completed each course will be collected and include in the monthly mandatory training reports sent to Section Heads and non-completions followed up.


It should only take about 7 minutes to complete and is a mix of videos and a short interactive exercise.

System requirements

Includes sound and videos

The Finance Division's Cyber Security programme

As part of the Finance’s Fraud Framework we are changing our approach to cyber security training. Instead of completing one static course we are now introducing an ongoing awareness programme. What this means in practice is every 4 – 6 weeks you will all be invited to complete a bite-sized course that will remind you of situations to look out for and alert you to any emerging scams.

Each course will consists of a series of topics that we select in conjunction with UIS, from a library provided by an external company called MetaCompliance, and which are hosted on their MyCompliance e-learning platform. The benefit of this is that they will add to their library of resources on an ongoing basis so we can keep the messaging fresh and relevant.

Please see UIS’s web pages for further information


7 mins

Booking / availability