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Fri 12 Jun 2020
10:00 - 16:00

Venue: Postdoc Centre@ Mill Lane, Eastwood Room

Provided by: Researcher Development Programme (RDP)

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MBTI: Understanding Personality in a Research Environment

Fri 12 Jun 2020


Ever wonder why you seem to ‘click’ with one person and not another? Ever wonder why you might find some things easier to do than others? The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) might shed some light on these questions.

Why this course might make a difference

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator presents a framework to help you understand yourself and others, by exploring differences and preferences in four areas of your personality. As a result of this exploration you may work more effectively and be more understanding in your relationships with others.

Led by a qualified MBTI practitioner, the workshop comprises working through the MBTI questionnaire and self-assessment exercises, so that participants can:

  • Understand the concept and theories behind the MBTI types and process to obtain a personal profile
  • Explore the differences and preferences within personalities in research-related scenarios

Course feedback:

“I had known about the Myers-Briggs, but I hadn't understood the different dimensions fully, or their interactions at a deeper level. Between explanations and activities, the course really helped me to understand the Myers-Briggs perspective, and to be aware of personal and professional differences between my friends and colleagues.”

“The contents of this training and the design of the teaching were very attractive and interesting. I think this training is very useful and helpful, and will recommend it to my friends and other students in my department in the future.”

Target audience

All graduate students and postdoctoral researchers / research staff.
Further details regarding eligibility criteria are available here.

  • An open mind.
  • You must arrive for this course at 9.45am ready for a 10am start.
  • The first part of this course is completing a questionnaire, which is then used for the rest of the session.
  • If you arrive late, you will not be able to join the course.

Number of sessions: 1

# Date Time Venue Trainer
1 Fri 12 Jun 2020   10:00 - 16:00 10:00 - 16:00 Postdoc Centre@ Mill Lane, Eastwood Room map Dr S. Tomaskovic

Participative workshop including provision of information, discussion and practical exercises.


One full-day session.


This course runs at least once per term.

Personal Effectiveness

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