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Theme: Mathematics & Statistics

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An Introduction to R: Software For Statistical Analysis, with Dr Simon R. White, MRC Biostatistics Unit, and Dr Adam P. Wagner, University of Cambridge.

GNU R is (freely) available for all major platforms (Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.) and is growing in popularity in academia and beyond for carrying out statistical analysis and data manipulation.

The aim of the course is to introduce participants to the basics of statistical analysis and the open source statistical software GNU R.

Participants will actively use R throughout the course, during which they will be introduced to principles of statistical thinking and interpretation by example, exercises and discussion about a range of problems. The examples will be used to present a variety of statistical concepts and techniques, with no focus on any specific discipline.

Participants Without a Raven Password: If you do not have a Raven's account and would like to attend this course, or have other booking queries, please email Adam Wagner (