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ADTIS In-Sessional - Academic Writing Style Wed 28 Oct 2020   17:00 Finished

Even if the writing of foreign students is grammatically correct and coherent, it can sometimes have an undesired impact on the reader because it is written in the wrong style. This webinar will give some guidance on what is usually considered good academic style. Students will then be asked to complete some exercises on Moodle.

ADTIS In-Sessional - Cohesion in Academic Writing 1 Wed 25 Nov 2020   17:00 [Places]

If our writing is cohesive and coherent, there are logical connections between words, sentences, paragraphs and sections. This workshop explores different techniques for increasing cohesion, which should make your writing easier to read and more effective. Students will first watch a video and complete some exercises online. In the real-time webinar we will discuss the exercises and students will be able to ask questions.

ADTIS In-Sessional - Cohesion in Academic Writing 2 Wed 19 Feb 2020   17:00 Finished

This workshop builds on topics covered in the previous session, partly by analyzing excerpts from published journal articles for their cohesion. Although attending the previous workshop is an advantage, it is not a prerequisite.

ADTIS In-Sessional - Conversation Hour Wed 3 Jun 2020   12:00 Finished

In-Sessional English Conversation Hours

ADTIS In-Sessional - Editing and Polishing Your Work Mon 6 Nov 2017   17:00 Finished

So much hard work is compromised due to poor editing. Editing is much more than just simple proof-reading. It involves a critical approach to planning, setting out information, constructing argument, paragraphing, sentencing and ultimately understanding the effect of what we write on the reader. In this workshop we look at a variety of elements in the editing process and we use good models and student work to help us.

ADTIS In-Sessional - Editing Skills Thu 21 Feb 2019   17:00 Finished

This workshop will show you to how to edit efficiently and effectively. We’ll be looking at a number of strategies with examples and the aim is to edit ‘smart’, and create a text that presents your ideas as fluently and coherently as possible.

ADTIS In-Sessional - Enhancing Your Academic Style Thu 31 May 2018   17:00 Finished

This workshop discusses the basic principles of academic style, helping you to write more formally, persuasively and precisely. Learn how to attain clarity and accuracy and how to use the passive voice and tentative language (hedging). Students will apply their learning to practical examples.

ADTIS In-Sessional - Grammar Focus: Articles Thu 12 Nov 2020   13:00 Finished

The correct use of articles (the / a / an) is one of the trickiest aspects of English grammar for non-native speakers, whether their language uses articles in a different way from English or maybe manages to get by without any articles at all. This webinar will set out clearly the ways in which English uses articles, and will hopefully offer some conceptual keys to help students correct their own usage. Students will then be asked to complete some exercises online.

ADTIS In-Sessional - Grammar Focus - Modals Wed 21 Oct 2020   17:00 Finished

The most significant grammar mistakes that foreign students make are usually those that greatly change the meaning of the sentence. Modals, such as can or would, are often used to indicate the position of the writer in academic writing, so their inaccurate use can easily give a very different meaning from that intended. For this workshop, students will first watch a video and complete some exercises on Moodle. In the real-time webinar, students can ask questions and discuss areas of difficulty.

ADTIS In-Sessional - Grammar focus: Prepositions Thu 29 Oct 2020   13:00 Finished

One of the key areas in which non-native speakers of English have difficulty attaining native-level accuracy is in the use of prepositions. Although this webinar does not pretend to give students all the answers, it will provide a number of ways to conceptualise the use of prepositions and hopefully clarify this complex area of grammar. Students will then be asked to complete some exercises online.

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