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Self-taught course

Provided by: University Information Services - Digital Literacy Skills


This course is self taught (Materials may be loaned out).

Bookings cannot be made on this course (Course is not taking bookings).

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Adobe Photoshop CC (2018) - Level 2


The skills and knowledge acquired in Adobe Photoshop CC - Level 2 are sufficient to be able to use and operate the software at an advanced level.

Target audience

Anyone who wants to gain a deeper understanding of Adobe Photoshop CC

  • Completion of Adobe Photoshop CC (2018) - Level 1 or equivalent knowledge
  • The course assumes some knowledge of the software and it would be beneficial to have a general understanding of personal computers and the Windows operating system environment.
Topics covered

The Adobe Account

  • The Adobe Website
  • Signing In To Your Adobe Account
  • The Adobe Account Home Page
  • Managing Your Adobe Account
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Application Manager
  • Working With Apps
  • Understanding Assets
  • Understanding Typekit
  • Add Fonts From Typekit
  • Understanding Adobe Colour CC
  • Understanding Behance

Creative Cloud Libraries

  • The Libraries Panel
  • Adding Assets To The Libraries Panel
  • Accessing The Contents Of Your Library Online
  • Sorting The Contents Of The Library
  • Sharing Libraries
  • Working With Libraries

Layer Effects

  • Applying A Drop Shadow Effect
  • Applying A Glow Effect
  • Adding A Border
  • Copying Effects To Other Layers
  • Saving Layer Effects As A Style
  • Understanding Layer Comps

Smart Objects

  • Understanding Smart Objects
  • Understanding Editing Smart Objects
  • Create An Embedded Smart Object
  • Editing An Embedded Smart Object
  • Creating A Linked Smart Object
  • Modifying A Linked Smart Object
  • Editing A Smart Object In Illustrator

Transforming Images

  • Flipping And Rotating Images
  • Straightening Images Using The Ruler Tool
  • Straightening Images Using The Crop Tool
  • Straightening Scanned Images
  • Correcting Perspective With Perspective Crop
  • Correcting Perspective With Puppet Warp
  • Changing Perspective With Perspective Warp
  • Scaling, Skewing And Freeform Rotating Images
  • Warping Images
  • Creating A Panorama

Tonal And Colour Corrections

  • Understanding Tone, Colour And Channels
  • Understanding Adjustment Layers
  • Creating An Adjustment Layer
  • Using Adjustment Presets
  • Understanding Tone And Histograms
  • Using Levels To Improve Contrast
  • Using Curves To Improve Contrast
  • Opening Up Shadows
  • Repairing Photos That Needed Fill Flash
  • Correcting A Colour Cast Automatically
  • Correcting A Colour Cast Manually
  • Adjusting Colour Temperature
  • Adjusting Colour Saturation Selectively
  • Converting Colour Images To Greyscale
  • Brightening Washed Out Colours
  • Adjustment Layers In A Multi-Layered Image
  • Adjusting Hues Selectively

Masks, Filters And Blending

  • Understanding Layer Masks
  • Understanding Filters
  • Understanding Blending Modes
  • Applying A Vignette
  • Applying A Soft Focus Effect
  • Applying A Blurred Lighting Vignette
  • Applying A Focus Vignette Effect
  • Blending Images
  • Sharpening Images With The Unsharp Mask
  • Sharpening Images With Smart Sharpen
  • Adding Grain With The Add Noise Filter
  • Applying A Creative Filter
  • Smoothing Skin Using The High Pass Filter
  • Dodging And Burning
  • Adding Motion With Path Blur
  • Adding Elliptical Motion With Spin Blur
  • Reducing Camera Shake

Introduction To 3D

  • Understanding 3D In Photoshop
  • Understanding The 3D Panel
  • Understanding The Properties Panel
  • Understanding 3D Concepts
  • Creating Preset 3D Shapes
  • Working With Camera Views
  • Working With The Light Source
  • Add Colour To 3D Objects
  • Creating 3D Text
  • Applying Colour To 3D Text
  • Rendering
  • Saving And Exporting A 3D Object
  • Importing A 3D Image Into An Image

Using Adobe Bridge

  • Installing Adobe Bridge
  • Understanding The Bridge Workspace
  • The Bridge Menu And Tool Bar
  • Opening An Image In Bridge
  • Working With Thumbnails
  • Working With Views In Bridge
  • Organising Images In Bridge
  • Sorting And Filtering
  • Embedding Metadata In Your Image Files

Introduction To Camera Raw

  • Understanding Camera Raw
  • The Camera Raw Screen
  • Understanding Camera Raw Panels
  • Understanding The Raw Tool Bar
  • Making Basic Changes In Camera Raw
  • Opening Images In Camera Raw
  • The Preferences Dialog Box

Adobe Mobile Apps

  • Adobe Creative Cloud Mobile Apps
  • The Adobe Capture CC App
  • Adobe Photoshop Mobile Applications
  • The Creative Cloud Library And Mobile Apps
  • Mobile Application Help And Support


  • Sharing Via A Link
  • Working With A Shared Document
  • Sharing Files From Photoshop
  • Creating A Contact Sheet
  • Creating A PDF Presentation

At the completion of this course you should be able to:

  • understand and work with your Adobe account
  • understand, modify and create Creative Cloud libraries
  • apply layer effects to an image
  • understand and work with smart objects
  • transform images, including flipping, rotating and skewing
  • correct the tone and colour of photos using adjustment layers
  • understand and use masks, filters and blending modes
  • understand the 3D tools and settings in Photoshop
  • manage your digital images and other assets using Adobe Bridge
  • understand and work with Camera Raw
  • understand how Adobe mobile apps work
  • share documents in Photoshop

Watsonia workbook with 115 topics. Files for the exercises are provided on a CD or can be downloaded here


Approximately 20 hours

Booking / availability