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In order to be successful all Chartership portfolios must include a reflective statement linking together the record of professional development and the evidence. Most submissions fail as they are too descriptive rather than reflecting on experiences and this can be daunting to those not used to producing reflective writing. This session will offer some tips and tricks to get you started as well as how to add more reflection to your portfolio and then offer attendees a chance to put this into practice. You are also more than welcome to just use the session for as a quiet time to get some work done on whichever aspect of your Chartership portfolio you choose.

Librarians in Training: CILIP Chartership - The PKSB new Mon 28 Jan 2019   14:30 Finished

This session will focus on the PKSB (Professional Knowledge and Skills Base) which is the first step for many in building a Chartership portfolio. A brief introduction to how to use the CILIP assessment tool will be followed by a chance to work through it, better understand your individual skill level and how to use the document to build your portfolio. You are also more than welcome to just use the session for as a quiet time to get some work done on whichever aspect of your Chartership portfolio you choose.

Librarians in Training: Constructing Surveys new Wed 20 Feb 2019   11:00 Finished
  • Surveys are a popular way to collect data on a range of topics related to your library service but it is all too easy to get them wrong. If you struggle to design effective surveys you are not alone – they are often far more complex than they look.
  • This interactive session will outline the basics of designing a survey, how to draft questions to get the answers you really want, some of the common pitfalls to avoid, the different software options available to help you and some tips and tricks for using surveys effectively. At the end of the session attendees will be able to put together a successful survey on a range of topics. If attendees wish to bring a draft survey that they are working on to use during the session they are welcome to do so.
Librarians in Training: Copyright at the Enquiry Desk new Mon 13 Jan 2020   14:30 Finished

If questions at the Enquiry Desk such as “How much of this can I copy?”, “Can I scan this book on someone else’s behalf?” and “Can I use this image in my teaching presentation / coursework / published article?” sound familiar, this is the course for you!

This session aims to provide you with a framework for analysing copyright enquiries, considering:

  • Who owns the item, and does this make a difference?
  • What is the copy to be used for?
  • What are the specific exceptions to copyright you should be aware of?
  • Where can you seek additional information on copyright issues?

There will be an opportunity to submit examples of copyright enquiries you receive in advance of the course or you can bring them along on the day.

Librarians in Training: Critical Reading Fri 1 Feb 2019   10:30 Finished

In this workshop, you will take a tour of one of the most popular My Learning Essentials Workshop at Manchester University, Critical Reading. With the help of a narrator and facilitator you will see both sides of the workshop looking glass, that of a student and that of a workshop developer. As a student you will develop key skills for effective critical reading. You will learn and practice techniques to help you identify key points and main ideas and gain an understanding about what is required to read critically. There will also be opportunities to discuss strategies for making connections between different articles, journals or other materials in order to aid understanding. As a developer you will hear about the research that underpins the content of the workshop.

Instructors: Sam Aston and Michael Stevenson

There are hundreds of databases available to us in Cambridge. How confident do you feel navigating them and recommending them to end users? For this session we have four faculty librarians who will demonstrate Scopus, ArtSTOR, Lexis and Westlaw and statistics and markets business databases. There will be plenty of time for questions.

  • Decolonising knowledge is one of the hot topics of the moment, stirring up universities as well as the media. How can we approach this fundamental and much needed change in our libraries while still dealing with our daily workloads?
  • Join us to hear diverse perspectives: Eve Lacey (Newnham College), David Rushmer (English Faculty Library), Mehves Dignum (Engineering Faculty Library) and Clara Panozzo (Collections and Academic Liaison, University Library) will share their thoughts and experiences.
  • This will be followed by a workshop and an open discussion (with tea and biscuits in the middle!).

In this session, you will have a tour of the studio and facilities in the DCU as well as the opportunity to learn how the digitisation process works and what services are available through the University Library’s Digital Content Unit.

NB: A short break will be included during the session.

This session will provide you with a brief introduction to some of those technologies and highlight how you can delve deeper with them. We will look at the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI), text and data mining, and the International Image Interoperability Framework (iiif).

NB: A short break will be included during the session.

Impact and sustainability are very important to researchers. Social media brings with it the advantage of making outputs easy to share but can also be a minefield. Whilst the new tools and methods utilised by the digital humanities provide exciting new ways of working, we also need to bear in mind their limitations and be able to understand the results. Attention is also being turned towards sustaining digital outputs, so we will also explore developments in this area as well.

NB: A short break will be included during the session.

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