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Theme: Bite Size Training Sessions

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"Communication is not a skill to be learned, but an art to be cultivated" This session will include reference to:

  • The communication process
  • Barriers to communication
  • The four key communication styles
  • Using assertive communication to get your message across

This session is suitable for those who are interested in understanding how our working styles can impact on time management and will cover:

  • How do we work? Identifying personal time preferences and the influence of individual working styles
  • The brain and its bodyclock: synchronising to our body’s master clock
  • Using The Eisenhower matrix for prioritising activities
  • Time stealers and ways to manage them

"Team Dynamics” are invisible forces that operate between different people or groups in a team. They can have a strong impact on how a team behaves or performs and their effects can be complex. This session will explore:

  • Stages of team development: knowing what ‘time’ it is in your team
  • Addressing the challenges of each stage"

A common management challenge is knowing how to get the best from people and sometimes this can seem like figuring out rocket science. This session will look at different motivations and methods to build engagement:

  • Push and Pull Factors in motivation at work
  • The link between engagement and motivation
  • Creating a motivational climate

Resilience is becoming recognised as a defining characteristic of people who deal well with the stresses and strains of the modern workplace. This workshop will include:

  • Defining resilience: what are the key elements?
  • Creating a personal roadmap to build resilience and enhance well-being