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Instructor-led course

Provided by: Engineering Centre for Languages & Inter-Communication

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Mon 15 Jun 2020

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German: Intermediate Intensive


This course is suitable for those who have already studied German for at least a year, or for those who know basic German. Communicative context, with videos, audio, texts and conversation.

Target audience
  • All staff and students from Cambridge University Engineering Department
  • Further details regarding CLIC's eligibility criteria are available here

Participants must have basic German or have studied German for at least a year

Topics covered
  • Describe your daily work and home life
  • Describe and compare education systems
  • Discuss plans for the future
  • Understand and discuss leisure trends
  • Express likes and dislikes
  • Talk about jobs and life-work balance

Who for: Beginners (completed A1) who are ready to move up a level; those with previous learning experience (A2-B1) wanting to brush up their German.

Overview: A three-week interactive online Zoom-based course covering basic communication topics such as talking about yourself, work and leisure, accommodation.

Due to the nature of online teaching/learning, we will be using the ‘flipped classroom’ technique, have a comfort break half-way though the session, and use a variety of tools to make the process more engaging.


To develop skills in the German language with a focus on listening and speaking.


Class work (online via Zoom) and individual study


Nine sessions of two hours each taught over a period of three weeks



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