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Journal article versions new Self-taught Bookable

Where and how can you share your articles? Each article goes through different versions, from submitted manuscript, through accepted manuscript, proof, and finally version of record. Often the text is very similar, but subtle differences mean that one version can be legally shared and another cannot. In this course, you will learn how to identify article versions and apply the correct terminology.

The majority of professional learning happens on the job, especially where colleagues with different skill sets come together to achieve common goals. Productive relationships between academics, administrators and service providers are crucial to enabling the flow of information and skills to benefit all parties. This exchange can be facilitated by professional networks, which provide not only formal learning, but also opportunities to collaborate and learn from each other.

In this talk you will hear about the experience of two librarians, Charlotte Smith and River Cronin, who made the most of the Data Champions network ( how they set up a collaboration with researchers, what they achieved through it, and what they learnt in the process.

The talk will be useful to anyone thinking of joining or setting up a network, as well as current members of professional networks who are looking for new ways to challenge themselves. We hope you will be inspired to discover ways in which collaborating with diverse colleagues may provide unusual opportunities for your development and professional success.