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Instructor-led course

Provided by: Language Centre

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CULP: German Intermediate 2


Course will be delivered online.

The Programme offers general language tuition with a focus on communicative competence.

At intermediate 2 level the focus shifts slightly towards reading and writing whilst still offering plenty an opportunity for oral communication. The syllabus is more topical and the contents feature many a cultural, historical, political and current affairs theme. While the grammar is analysed within a context, explicit grammar instruction becomes an integral part of the course.

For more detailed information about the course please visit our website.

Target audience
  • University staff and students
  • Further details regarding Language Centre eligibility criteria are available

CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference): B1

Topics covered

The Course introduces students to the following functions and notions:

  • Introducing oneself,
  • introducing others,
  • talking about our origin and our mother tongue,
  • explaining why we study German,
  • talking about the family,
  • describing our home town and our country,
  • talking about the community where we live,
  • describing our accommodation,
  • comparing means of transport,
  • describing travel destinations,
  • telling about a travel experience,
  • choosing appropriate accommodation,
  • describing our profession or topic,
  • describing current activities,
  • describing our previous training,
  • summarising our work experience,
  • taking a job interview,
  • describing a field of study,
  • describing a work routine,
  • talking about our spare time and pastimes,
  • talking about our plans,
  • describing life in the past,
  • understanding the importance of a historical event,
  • talking about historical facts and their relevance,
  • comparing life before and after a historical event,
  • talking about our plans for the future,
  • talking about what we would do if something happened,
  • expressing good wishes,
  • describing a personal incident,
  • commenting about something that happened to someone we know,
  • expressing surprise,
  • describing a pain,
  • asking for a prescription,
  • describing what happened to us,
  • explaining the causes and consequences of an accident,
  • understanding a diagnosis,
  • following instructions to improve one’s health,
  • explaining what we do to stay in shape,
  • understanding advice to stay in shape, giving advice,
  • analysing causes and effects for being in shape,
  • understanding alternative medicines,
  • studying distinctive features of cities in Germany,
  • understanding the context of opinions on current topics,
  • debating about topics of local and international relevance.
  • Listening/Speaking: Understand spoken German in a variety of both predictable and unpredictable linguistic situations and be able to express themselves in a variety of situations where a fair amount of detail is necessary.
  • Reading: Understand written German when texts are intended for native speakers, where visual information is not necessarily available and where the text relies on language structure and lexical refinement to convey specific messages.
  • To develop a fairly advanced understanding of the language structure and vocabulary;
  • To develop the ability to engage in conversation in German, where the learner is able to express his or her opinion in a variety of topics;
  • To develop in the learner an awareness of the different varieties of German, when it concerns the lexicon and the phonological systems.
  • To develop an awareness of the cultural diversity among German-speaking countries and regions.

Presentations, practicals and online learning

System requirements
  • Raven access is required
  • Further information regarding Raven is available
  • Students Fees: £200 to be paid online. Please select ‘Concessionary’ under the course fee when you make your booking.
  • Staff Fees: £200 to be paid online. Please select ‘All charged’ under the course fee when you make your booking.
  • Links to the online store will be provided with your confirmation email.
  • Payment is required within 24 hours of your booking to secure your place.
  • Refunds available after the first lesson only.
  • Payment for the courses is made on the Online Store (CULP General Purpose courses), (Raven log in).
  • Course materials can be found on Moodle (Raven log in), once the course has started.

Fifteen taught sessions of two hours plus online learning


Three times per year (subject to demand)

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