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Anna Bailey-Bearfield is Autism Policy Lead at the Department of Health and Social Care, will provide a seminar followed by a student presentation from Mélanie Greux, a PhD student in the Faculty of Education at Cambridge.

‘Communication is key to everyday life and children’s development, but is at risk of being unsupported (or even a source of discrimination) for many autistic children. Research shows that the communication abilities and preferences of autistic children are not always accounted for, which can lead to high levels of anxiety and interaction avoidance. When children experience more language difficulties, they would greatly benefit from evidence-based communication interventions implemented by Speech and Language Therapists (SLTs). Yet, evidence shows that many families do not have access to these valuable services across the country. The situation is even more dire for autistic children growing up in multilingual and multicultural environments, where misconceptions around best language practices and ill-equipped services may further contribute to communication inequalities.'

This seminar is part of the Bridging the Gap from Research to Practice SHSS Online Programme

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