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A briefing for fire wardens at Department of Physics, to ensure they are up to date with their duties.

Theory and practice session on safe manual handling.

This introductory talk on electrical safety, aimed at people at Department of Physics likely to make or adapt equipment that will be connected to the electricity mains supply

Cavendish Safety Forum new Mon 21 Jan 2019   11:00 Finished

The Cavendish Safety Forum is part of the Department of Physics safety consultation arrangements. It is a one-hour seminar designed to disseminate new H&S information to Cavendish users and provide an opporunity for feedback and suggestions from members of the Department.

All Principal Investigators are expected to be represented at the event, either by attending themselves or sending a representative who will report items to them. One person may represent more than one PI.

Physics Health and Safety - Maxwell Centre Induction new Thu 24 Oct 2019   14:00 [Places]

This induction is required for anyone planning to work unsupervised at the Maxwell Centre, Department of Physics.

It has two parts:

  • Part 1 is for people working anywhere in the building
  • Part 2 is only for those working at the Maxwell laboratories
Risk Assessment - Workshop Activities new Mon 15 Apr 2019   13:30 Finished

This session covers the basics of risk assessment and focuses on mechanical workshop activities at Physics

Physics Health & Safety: H&S Induction new Tue 22 Oct 2019   14:30   [More dates...] [Places]

Departmental health and safety induction for visitors, graduate students, undergraduate students (Part IB, II, or III) and MASt students starting study or work at the Department of Physics.

Session 1 of this briefing is for everyone and covers what to do in the event of an emergency, and how to report problems.

There will be a short break before Session 2, which is for people carrying out practical experiments in a laboratory, doing other practical (e.g. maintenance) work, managing events or other people.

When there are new staff at an induction, this will be preceded by a short HR induction.

Anyone only working in an office is not required to attend Session 2, unless they manage people or events.

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