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Instructor-led course

Provided by: University Information Services

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Unix: Emacs Text Editor Introduction


Emacs is a very powerful plain text editor used across the computer-using community world-wide. This course will introduce its basic use and explain how it can make your life dealing with plain text or program source code much easier.


Elementary use of Linux.

Topics covered
  • Launching emacs
  • Quitting emacs
  • Undoing edits
  • Loading a file
  • Navigating within a file
  • Editing a plain text file
  • Editing a C file
  • Editing a Fortran file
  • Editing a Python file
  • Switching between buffers
  • Searching and replacement
  • Jumping to a line
  • Copying, cutting and pasting text
  • Keystroke macros

Presentation/demonstration with practicals.

Taught using

Emacs v.23 on MCS Linux

  • Practical work will be done on PWF Linux.
  • Course Notes are available.

One half day session

Events available