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Instructor-led course

Provided by: University Information Services - Digital Literacy Skills

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Microsoft SharePoint 2013/Online: For Your Institution


This course introduces the most commonly used features of SharePoint 2013 on premise and SharePoint Online platforms. It covers topics that will assist institutions in evaluating SharePoint for their institutional requirements. During the course there will be discussion on how to implement SharePoint solutions in existing or new SharePoint deployments. It is beneficial to have your institution requirements prepared for class discussion.

Target audience
  • All current Cambridge University members (departments and colleges) who wish to evaluate SharePoint 2013/Online regardless of SharePoint experience.
  • The course practice portal will be hosted using University SharePoint Online which is part of University's EES agreement. Please check your Institution's eligibility before attending the session
  • All attendees must register at least two weeks before the course starts to have a license granted in order to provide access to the portal
Topics covered
  • SharePoint Information Architecture, Navigation and Security
  • Document Management
  • Workflow
  • Searching
  • SharePoint Pages
  • OneDrive for Business
  • The first half of the course is presentation, demonstration, and discussion
  • The second half of the course is introducing the training portal and accompany manuals

Events available