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Tue 8 Sep 2015
08:50 - 17:30

Venue: Postdoc Centre@ Mill Lane, Eastwood Room

Provided by: Graduate School of Life Sciences


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Extraordinary Leadership (Postdoc)

Tue 8 Sep 2015


If you cannot lead yourself, how can you influence others or be a productive member of a team?

Join us for an intensive 1-day, experiential workshop exploring the core elements of leading self and others positively and effectively. We start with self-leadership: purpose, values and how well I live them, and what gets in the way? It includes mental and neurophysiological tools for reducing fear (a.k.a. stress, tension), accessing presence/ the zone (often referred to in current trends as dynamic "mindfulness") all leading to increase the ACT of leadership - Awareness, Connection and Transformation - for self and others.

Having established this firm foundation, we build the capacity for open, productive, adult-to-adult interactions with others with emotional intelligence, trust, delegation and handling conflict.

Target audience

Post-docs/Research Staff in the GSLS departments and UPIs PhD students should look for "Extraordinary Leadership (PhD)"


The workshop is lively, fun and highly interactive. You need bring nothing other than yourself, an open mind, curiosity, desire to learn, have fun, grow and leave your “comfort zone”.


Number of sessions: 1

# Date Time Venue Trainer
1 Tue 8 Sep 2015   08:50 - 17:30 08:50 - 17:30 Postdoc Centre@ Mill Lane, Eastwood Room map

• How to develop and maintain increased levels of trust and cooperation, communication and openness, engagement and empowerment, creativity, innovation and accountability • Awareness and Connection lie at the heart of leadership whatever “Style” might be used; the quality of your awareness determines the quality of your connection, which determines the quality of the transformation you can enable • Understanding that an essential part of leadership is exploring what others see that you cannot in order to make informed decisions • Values drive behaviours; personal values assessment; limiting behavioural paradigms can be identified and controlled through managing your “inner voice” • Flow or “the zone” is the highest performance state for a human being – learning tools to access and maintain this state instantly, effectively managing fear and tension • Understanding the neurophysiology of Flow, Fear and it importance for effective leadership of self and others • Importance of clarity and strength of purpose in leadership; clarifying own purpose • Creating and maintaining effective leadership focus and classification of tasks • Importance of and ability to access and maintain Adult-to-Adult relationships • Emotional intelligence – awareness and management of self and relationships • Importance of and how to generate and repair Trust • Origin and purpose of conflict; how to manage conflict positively and effectively; not-violent communication


Interactive Workshop

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Please Note:

There will not be lunch provided on this course. You should bring your own lunch or can use the lunch break to buy lunch in the town centre.

Drinks refreshments provided


Course Trainer - Jefferson Cann


1 full day


Pilot course - once only

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