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HR Systems Training


Before booking you must be eligible to attend the course. Unless stated in the course details, you must book in advance for any training event. Please do not turn up to the course without making a prior booking or before contacting us. Where applicable, you are responsible for acquiring clearance to attend a course from your department, college or manager.

How to Book

  • Check you are eligible to attend HR Systems Training's courses by reading the eligibility policy
  • On the course details page check Target Audience to verify if you qualify to attend
  • Book online using your Raven account, if you do not have a Raven account please see the section on Raven below
  • Once you submit your booking you will then receive information via email about your booking status (approval required, waiting list) and any applicable joining instructions

If you have any queires contact the team.

Attendance Approval

  • CHRIS Training courses require approval from your CHRIS Key Contact. Once you have submitted your booking, we will then contact your CHRIS Key Contact. Once we have received the approval, you will be notified via email.

Raven Account

To make an online booking using this system you need a Raven account.

  • If you are a current University or College member and do not have a Raven account, please contact the University Computing Service (UCS).
  • Members of affiliated institutions may be able to attend a training course but might not be eligible for a Raven account. To check Raven eligibility, contact the UCS. If you are not eligible for a Raven account then you will not be able to book online but you should instead contact us by email/phone to process your booking.
  • Where non-members of the University are eligible for booking on a training course, please contact us by email/phone to process your booking.