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Instructor-led course

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How to Excel with CUFS (Parts 1 and 2)


This course enables you to run common reports in CUFS and learn how to export them into excel and manipulate them to a different format.

Target audience

Departmental administrators or anyone who is responsible for providing financial information for others in their department.

  • Participants must have exported a query and report from CUFS into Excel before - even if it is just in preparation for this course.
  • Participants must have also used Microsoft Excel before.
  • Users attend Part 1 before Part 2. If you can not attend part 1 then you must complete the homework from that session before you attend part 2.
Topics covered

Part 1

Using data obtained from on-line queries and summary templates we look at how to handle spreadsheets containing large volumes of data. This will include:

  • The ability to customise CUFS screens using folder tools
  • Short-cuts to help you move around large spreadsheets quickly and easily
  • How to customise Excel tool bars
  • Sorting data and formatting cells
  • Working with foreign currencies
  • Inserting sub-totals
  • Applying and using filters
  • Reconciliation of your CUFS and Excel data
Topics covered

Part 2

Looks at how exported reports can be analysed further and combined with other data to provide useful information for your department such as Income & Expenditure Accounts or top level analysis of expenditure. For this we utilise some of the following tools and the use of charts:

  • Find and replace
  • More advanced functions such as Left and Right, SUM IF and FALSE
  • Copying formula
  • Creating and using Look-up tables
  • Pivot tables
  • Displaying information as a chart or graph
  • Other formatting and layout options

Refer to topics section.


To provide users with knowledge as to what reports can be exported, how to export and how to manipulate the data to a different format.


Demonstrations and practicals.


Please note that exporting information from CUFS into Excel via report or query will be covered but not in detail as it is expected that participants will have carried out this procedure already.


Three sessions of two and a half hours.


Every three months.

Events available