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Thu 19 Mar 2020
09:30 - 16:30

Venue: Finance Division, Greenwich House, Ferrara Room (IT Training Room)

Provided by: Finance Training

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GL Part 2: Reporting in the General Ledger

Thu 19 Mar 2020


This course provides users the opportunity to run General Ledger reports and how to interpret them when managing departmental funds.

You are invited to bring with you any reference documents that you may have detailing your own departmental codes.

Target audience

Departmental accounts staff and those responsible for managing departmental finances.


Your booking will remain provisional until you have completed the following prerequisites and advised that you have:

  • previously attended GL Part 1: Getting Started in the General Ledger course
  • a LIVE GL Responsibility
  • a Raven Password, with a Cognos account activated.

A few days before the course, you will be sent an email with some pre-course questions. These must be completed by the date in the email and emailed to the trainer for review.

If you do not have Cognos activated, please complete the online Cognos Access Request form, URL: (Finance Division > Systems > Reporting > Cognos Access Request).

Please liaise with your department key contact/line manager to ensure you complete the form correctly. If you require access to more than one department, all the departments within the school, or across schools, this must be clearly indicated on the form. You also need to know whether or not you will need to receive 'burst reports in your school/department. These are reports that are automatically generated and emailed to you regularly.

Once you have access to Cognos, it is important to check that you can view the reports within the General ledger folder by following the steps below.

  • Log into COGNOS by clicking on COGNOS Login:
  • Click on 'Log into Cognos'
  • Enter your CRSID, raven password and click OK
  • Public Folders page will display.
  • Click on the folder called 'LIVE'
  • Click on the folder for your School
  • Click on the folder titled 'Departmental (Shared) Reports
  • You should have a folder called 'General Ledger Reporting' with various reports listed

Upon completion of all prerequisites, your booking for the course will be approved.


Number of sessions: 1

# Date Time Venue Trainers
1 Thu 19 Mar 2020   09:30 - 16:30 09:30 - 16:30 Finance Division, Greenwich House, Ferrara Room (IT Training Room) map Christine Rogerson,  Joel Brand
  • Generate and discuss the standard reports required for monitoring departmental finances
  • Look at common items that appear on reports and what they mean
  • Discuss some of the common mistakes to look out for when reviewing departmental accounts
  • In UFS, copy, re-print and cancel reports that you have set to run
  • Learn how to use basic Cognos tools

To run various General Ledger reports, using both Cognos and UFS, to monitor departmental accounts and interpret the data.


The session will be a mixture of presentation, demonstrations and hands on practice.

  • Lunch is not provided.

One day session.


Every other month

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