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Self-taught course

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This course is self taught (Online course).

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Modern Slavery Act

Self-taught course


The University and all its staff have a responsibility to ensure that their dealings, and the supply chains of those who we trade with, are free from any sort of modern slavery.

This online course guides you through some facts and figures relating to Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking and highlights warning signs you need to be aware of.

Target audience
Mandatory for: Highly Recommended for:
  • All Finance Division staff
  • As a pre-requisite for all new:
    • Transactional CUFS users (iProcurement users within 6 months of responsibility request)
    • Users requiring update access to the Supplier Database
    • Petty cash administrators
    • Departmental credit card administrators
    • Credit card applicants
    • CUFS Key Contacts
    • Cash advances
  • Existing credit card holders and individuals who already hold the above roles
  • Users of other approved purchasing systems (PLANET, Alma, JProc, EDRS)
  • Those with overall departmental purchasing responsibility and those involved with making procurement decisions
  • Accounts staff in departments and other University institutions
  • All those who wish to stay informed about current world issues that affect them
  • Understand what modern slavery and human trafficking are.
  • Learn how the Modern Slavery Act 2015 applies to the University.
  • Avoid supporting the practices in your work and home life.
  • Spot any signs that could indicate Modern Slavery may be occurring.
  • Know how to report any concerns, and where to go for help if you need it.

Online course with a certificate available at the end.

System requirements

The course is available on the University's Moodle learning platform, you will be prompted for your RAVEN password to login.

The course can be accessed from the following devices:

  • PC or Mac (Internet Explorer 11, or the latest versions of Safari, Firefox or Chrome) - recommended
  • Tablets (with latest OS)
  • Smart Phones (compatibility with older phones/mobiles OS may vary)
To access the course

Use the link below and login using your Raven ID. You may need to click an Enrol button if you are new to this course. Read the information provided on the page and use the Start button to open the training course.

NOTE: the course requires your browser to ALLOW POP-UP WINDOWS in order to open. Please disable any pop-up blockers in your browser settings. Guidance on how to do this can be found here.

> Modern Slavery Act training on Moodle


Approx 25-30 minutes

Further reading is available throughout the course for those who wish to know more about certain areas.


Thie course is a pre-requisite for some CUFS and other financial responsibilities.

Once completed, this course can be accessed at any time for a refresher if required.

Your training record should be updated within 2 working days of your completion of the course. If you feel your training record is not up to date please email for assistance.

Compliance and Mandatory Training

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