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Support for People with Disabilities

We welcome disabled students on our training courses and make every effort both to anticipate and to make reasonable adjustments to meet the needs of disabled participants where necessary.

If you have any particular requirements that need to be catered for to enable you to attend a course please let us know as far in advance as possible by completing the ‘Special requirements’ section of the booking form or contacting us.

We take our responsibilities in relation to equality and diversity seriously. Therefore, if you have any comments or queries on the accessibility of our provision and the inclusivity of our materials, please contact us.


The majority of our events are held in the training rooms at Greenwich House. These are accessed from the foyer on the ground floor, are wheelchair accessible. Greenwich House has disabled toilet facilities and disabled parking right outside the front door may be reserved.

Where other venues are used attendees are advised to contact us in advance to ascertain its suitability. Alternative venues or one-to-one coaching at the workplace may be available.


Disabled parking may be booked in advance at Greenwich House and on-site parking may also be arranged for those with other medical conditions.

Classroom equipment

Portable induction loops may be reserved, foot rests and wrist supports are also available to borrow. If required an audio recording of sessions (or part session) could be made so they can be replayed. Where notice is provided studiers are welcome to bring with them any additional supportive equipment that they use.

Training materials and notes

Training course handouts are typically A4 booklet format, on white paper using Arial size 11 font. If you require these materials in advance of the event and/or in a different font, size or on a different colour background please advise us at the time of your booking.

For on-line activities we will facilitate where possible the ability to increase/ change the font, screen resolution, provide details of key strokes as an alternative to using the mouse and ensure that where audio or video clips are used a transcript is also available. Where an individual is unable to use an on-line course then individual coaching/training can be provided.

Other reasonable adjustments and special considerations

Reasonable adjustment is the term we use for any special arrangement that is needed to enable disabled or temporarily incapacitated students to do their best in an assessment. The requirements will be agreed on an individual basis but may include:

  • Extra time for someone with a form of learning disability
  • The provision of a reader for someone with dyslexia
  • A scribe for someone who has broken their wrist

In the case of the AAT special consideration may be extended to students who are unexpectedly incapacitated by serious illness, an accident or who suffer bereavement, but nevertheless sit their assessments.