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Core Statistics Mon 18 Mar 2019   13:30 [Full]

This laptop only course is intended to provide a strong foundation in practical statistics and data analysis using the R software environment. The underlying philosophy of the course is to treat statistics as a practical skill rather than as a theoretical subject and as such the course focuses on methods for addressing real-life issues in the biological sciences.

There are three core goals for this course:

  1. Use R confidently for statistics and data analysis
  2. Be able to analyse datasets using standard statistical techniques
  3. Know which tests are and are not appropriate

R is a free, software environment for statistical and data analysis, with many useful features that promote and facilitate reproducible research.

In this course, we explore classical statistical analysis techniques starting with simple hypothesis testing and building up to generalised linear model analysis. The focus of the course is on practical implementation of these techniques and developing robust statistical analysis skills rather than on the underlying statistical theory

After the course you should feel confident to be able to select and implement common statistical techniques using R and moreover know when, and when not, to apply these techniques.

CSTP: Achieving Clarity in Academic Writing new Mon 28 Jan 2019   13:30 [Places]

Achieving clarity in writing is not just about what’s written on the page – that is merely the final stage in a long and complex process. It actually starts with the interpretation of the question… From a linguistic perspective writing is actually rather straightforward, but the clarity of the ‘end product’, particularly in academic writing, is very much dependent on the clarity of all the stages that precede it. This session will examine this process and explores strategies to help you improve the clarity of your writing.

The course takes an evidence-based approach to writing. Participants will learn that publishing is a game and the more they understand the rules of the game the higher their chances of becoming publishing authors. They will learn that writing an academic article and getting it published may help with their careers but it does not make them better researchers, or cleverer than they were before their paper was accepted; it simply means they have played the game well.

Suitable for GSLS postgraduates in any discipline who are keen to learn how to write academic papers and articles efficiently as well as more established researchers who have had papers rejected and are not really sure why.

If you want a better chance of your name on a paper, this is for you!


Olivia Timbs is an award-winning editor and journalist with over 30 years' experience gained from working on national newspapers and for a range of specialist health and medical journals.

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Date Availability
Tue 9 Apr 2019 09:30 [Full]
Tue 11 Jun 2019 09:30 [Full]
Profile-Raising and Networking new Mon 3 Jun 2019   10:00 [Full]

This whole day session is designed to help researchers develop strategies for making networking part of a successful career, whether inside or outside of research. It focuses on thinking about all of the researchers' working life as a route to networking, rather than being a course about "personal impact" in conference coffee breaks.

The Engaged Researcher: Finding Your Research Story new Tue 22 Jan 2019   09:30 [Full]

We all love a good story- whether it’s the latest bestselling fiction book or a cheesy soap. And science is full of stories- stories of discovery, of persistence, of hope. Finding these stories can help take your public engagement to the next level, whatever medium you use to communicate.

This workshop introduces how to design an effective impact evaluation.

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Date Availability
Thu 4 Jul 2019 09:30 [Places]
The Engaged Researcher: Public Engagement Seminar new Tue 5 Feb 2019   12:30 [Full]

Come to this Public Engagement Seminar to hear about an inspirational patient and public involvement (PPI) project from one of your colleagues in the University, Dr Anna Spathis. The PPI project won a prize at the 2018 Vice-Chancellor's public engagement with research awards.

This is also an opportunity to network with others interested in Public Engagement and to talk to a member of the Public Engagement Team.

Why not bring your lunch with you?

This workshop provides top tips and guidance on developing an impact evaluation survey that is robust. This will include helping participants identify and avoid common pitfalls in impact evaluation questionnaire design, as well as accounting for key issues such as representative sampling. Participants will also have the opportunity to develop their own survey questions with feedback and support during the workshop.

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Date Availability
Thu 4 Jul 2019 14:00 [Places]

Everyone is watching video on Social Media these days. So it is a great place to share your research. Learn about the best ways to create & upload video for, as well as go live on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. You just need yourself, a smartphone and your enthusiasm!

The Engaged Researcher: Telling Your Research Story new Tue 30 Apr 2019   09:30 [Full]

Whether at a conference, a science festival or in the pub, all scientists need to be able to talk about their work in an engaging and understandable way. This practical, hands-on session will help scientists develop their communication skills, so they are confident talking to diverse audiences in a range of environments.