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Sun 21 Apr – Tue 14 May

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April 2024

Tue 30
Re-Imagining Impact (In-person) new Finished 10:00 - 13:00 17 Mill Lane, Seminar Room B

Research impact can be defined as a “demonstratable contribution” made by research towards "society and the economy”. It can take various forms, including changes in understanding, developments in methods, shaping of policies and shifts in behaviours. Yet, the word ‘impact’ can be burdened by assumptions and connotations of a particular range of research ‘outcomes’.

This workshop aims to question these assumptions and connotations regarding what impact should or could look like within social science research. In so doing we will construct nuanced understands of how impact may relate to our own projects as well as the theories, methods and values informing our projects.

Brief bio: Samantha Hulston is a former ESRC DTP recipient at the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge. She specialises in conducting research with young children within educational settings and the re-imagined impacts this might bring.

May 2024

Wed 8

Questions, (a lack of) Answers, and Navigating a Persistently Changeable Field

Being a PhD student means you will probably spend around three or four years managing changes and adjusting research and funding, which can be a stressful and difficult time. If you remain in academia, this could continue. Professor Michelle Ellefson addresses these difficulties from a range of perspectives and aims to provide you with ways to cope living within an uncertain structure during your doctoral studies.

Tue 14
Beyond Your Doctorate new Finished 10:30 - 13:00 Pembroke College

This is a workshop for PhD students who have reached the point where they need to consider what to do next after their doctorate. Provision from the Careers Service, the Postdoc Academy and the School of the Humanities and Social Sciences will highlight both academic and non-academic career options with Q&A sessions for students to explore ideas. There will be tea and coffee provided at the start, and a lunch at the end for students to have the opportunity to share plans with each other and there will be a session with some alumni who will discuss their internship/fellowship experiences. The aims of this session are for PhD students to: · Have a better understanding of how they can use their doctorate · Be aware what are the different pathways open to them both in academia and outside