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Mon 29 Apr 2024
13:00 - 14:00

Venue: N/A - MS Teams

Provided by: School of Clinical Medicine HR


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SCM Staff Recruitment Essentials Training (Live Online Teams)

Mon 29 Apr 2024


This workshop provides an opportunity for those who deal with recruitment to update and refresh their understanding of the recruitment and selection processes at the School of Clinical Medicine. It includes an overview of the current recruitment and selection process and how to create the conditions where you can recruit the best candidate, avoiding common pitfalls, whilst ensuring practice is fair to all candidates at each stage.

If you are new to recruitment and selection, it is recommended that you attend the Recruitment and Selection Skills workshop (found in the Related Courses section below).

Please Note: It is important that when you book on this course, on your booking confirmation page, click on Add to Calendar to start the process to import the course appointment into your calendar.

Target audience
  • School of Clinical Medicine Employees Only with Recruitment Responsibilities

Number of sessions: 1

# Date Time Venue Trainers
1 Mon 29 Apr   13:00 - 14:00 * 13:00 - 14:00 * N/A - MS Teams Katie Knott,  Sarah Jane May Lecky ,  Christian Brown
* Optional session.
  • Presentations, demonstrations and Q&As
  • One hour session
  • Once
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