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Communicating Science new Thu 4 May 2017   16:00 Finished

Professor Lloyd Peck of the British Antarctic Survey will be running a workshop on Communicating Science. This is an excellent session that will make you aware of how much (or how little!) people retain of what is communicated and help you identify useful strategies for communicating science both to the general public and to other scientists.

Effective problem solving starts with effective problem definition. From there you can creatively apply human imagination and problem solving skills. This half-day practical workshop is a chance to use tools and techniques that enhance your existing skills and practice them on existing challenges.

Bring your scientific challenges with you.

Developing Effective Teams new Thu 30 Mar 2017   09:30 Finished

What is required to develop efficient and productive working relationships?

In this workshop we explore research that provides insight into individuals’ different working styles. We discuss how to develop effective teams and discuss mechanisms to deal with different team dynamics and difficult relationships.

We practice ways that the team can communicate and collaborate more effectively and look at key practical communication and knowledge management processes.


  • Understanding the facets of an effective team
  • Belbin team role insight
  • Learning styles and communication techniques
  • An insight into individual motivations and drivers
  • Mechanisms to manage different team dynamics
Effective Researcher Mon 3 Dec 2018   10:00 Finished

This interactive and intensive one-day course is intended for PhD students in their first year. You will look at practical ways to increase your effectiveness and meet the challenges of your PhD. The programme covers:

  • Looking at your PhD as a project
  • Working with other people
  • Managing your relationship with your supervisor
How to Write an Academic Paper and Get it Published new Thu 7 Mar 2019   10:00 Finished

The course takes an evidence-based approach to writing. Participants will learn that publishing is a game and the more they understand the rules of the game the higher their chances of becoming publishing authors. They will learn that writing an academic article and getting it published may help with their careers but it does not make them better researchers, or cleverer than they were before their paper was accepted; it simply means they have played the game well.

Suitable for researchers in any discipline who are keen to learn how to write academic papers and articles efficiently and/or who have had papers rejected and are not really sure why.

If you want a better chance of your name on a paper, this is for you!

Trainer Olivia Timbs is an award-winning editor and journalist with over 30 years' experience gained from working on national newspapers and for a range of specialist health and medical journals.

Cancellation and Non-attendance Policy Due to high demand we cannot accept cancellations for this course within 48 hours prior to the event. Any cancellations made after this time will be considered as a non-attendance. Participants who do not attend on the day will be subject to a £50 fee. By booking a place on the course you accept these terms.

Human Factors in Innovation and Enterprise Tue 18 Jun 2019   14:00 Finished

Whether you are considering collaborating on dynamic projects with small business; want to work better with an industrial partner or you are considering commercialising your research, this programme will develop the people management skills and self-awareness that help you to manage the Human Factor challenges.

Workshop content includes:

  • Build a successful organisational culture
  • How to be productive and manage workload
  • Develop business analysis and influencing skills
  • Understand professional interpersonal relations
  • Improve your resilience when managing change
  • Manage stress and make good decisions
Innovation and Enterprise: A Commercial Perspective new Fri 24 Mar 2017   09:30 Finished

There is growing expectation for business acumen in academics. This workshop provides you with insight and skills to work more effectively with industry. The aim is to develop project management skills in the context of industry academia collaborations (IAC).

In this workshop we explore a formal project development process from idea inception through to project implementation. You will practice project management tools and techniques and discuss cognitive and behavioural skills needed to implement them.

We will discuss current UK industry, government (BIS) and research council expectations of IAC and the existing funding opportunities.

The skills learned will support your effective interactions and well-managed projects with industry.

Part two of the Presentation Skills workshop is about practice, coaching and feedback in a small group setting.

Preparation for next week:

Please prepare a presentation, of no more than three minutes, on an area of your research, suitable for the mixed audience you will be presenting to. Do not use PowerPoint. We challenge you to really embrace your natural presentation style and stretch that style to try out new ways to develop that style to make real impact.

Look forward to seeing you again next week.

Presenting with Impact Mon 10 Jun 2019   13:30 Finished

This workshop will develop skills to become more confident, credible and engaging as a presenter. Starting with presentation theory and technique, part one is about understanding the tools you need to be engaging and become more confident.

Part two, that will take place a week after part one, is practice and coaching in a small group. You will be asked to deliver a two-minute presentation and try out alternative techniques to find your unique style and show how you can use this to inform your audiences.

You will be able to book for Part two part of the workshop after attending the first part. It will be open only to few students, and it is not compulsory.

Profile - Raising and Networking for Researchers Fri 5 Jul 2019   10:00 Finished

This is a day-long session to help researchers develop strategies for making networking part of a successful career, whether inside or outside research. It focuses on thinking about all of the researchers’ working life as a route to networking, rather than being a course about 'personal impact' in conference coffee breaks.

This course is suitable for both, researchers wishing to stay in academia or moving away from it.

Scientific Writing (School of Physical Sciences) Tue 20 Sep 2016   09:30 Finished

This workshop will focus on the structure of good scientific writing, first at the micro-level of sentences and paragraphs and then at the macro-level of abstracts and entire papers. We will look at the practical process of writing, the nature of scientific publishing and the importance of editing. The day will finish with a group editing session in which you apply the ideas you have learnt by editing each other's work.

For the group editing session you will need to write a 300-word abstract about your work in advance and bring it with you as a print out (more information is below).

REGISTRATION starts at 9.00am on the day. Please ensure you arrive on time as late comers may be refused entry.

Please note that due to the popularity of this course any cancellations must be received by 15 September. Cancellation after this date, non-attendance or failure to attend for the full day will incur a cancellation fee of £50 and blocking from further attendance. In addition, we will inform your supervisor and Head of Department of your absence! Only book if you know you can come!

This highly participative workshop will help you develop your ability to communicate effectively with a range of stakeholders. In order to be successful in your PhD and academia, you need to be able to communicate and work successfully with others. This one day workshop will help you develop your communication skills in order to engage more effectively with your supervisor, peers, and wider networks.

This session will cover:

  • The communication process
  • Active listening
  • Assertiveness and managing expectations
  • Feedback frameworks
  • Working in collaboration with others
  • Stakeholder mapping
Voice Projection: An Introduction new Fri 12 Jul 2019   10:00 Finished

If you occasionally suffer from vocal strain or wish to discover your true vocal range and power then this course is for you. We will work together to improve your vocal projection using vocal techniques practised by actors by using various physical and vocal exercises in a relaxed atmosphere. Be prepared to relax, kick off your shoes and lie on the floor.

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