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Student Systems

Support for People with Disabilities

We welcome disabled participants on our training courses and make every effort both to anticipate and to make reasonable adjustments to meet the needs of disabled participants where necessary.

If you have any particular requirements that need to be catered for to enable you to attend a course please let us know as far in advance as possible by completing the ‘Special requirements’ section of the booking form or contacting us.

We take our responsibilities in relation to equality and diversity seriously. Therefore, if you have any comments or queries on the accessibility of our provision and the inclusivity of our materials, please contact us.

  • Accessibility: Most but not all training venues are fully wheelchair accessible please see individual venues for details.
  • Disabled Parking: Most but not all training venues have disabled parking which requires prior arrangement, see individual venues for details.
  • Training Materials and Notes: Where notes are provided, they can be issued in advance and, in most cases, produced in a specified format e.g. large-print, providing enough notice is given.
  • Keyboards, Mice, Anti-glare/radiation Screens: Various non-standard keyboards and mice can be made available if sufficient advance notice is given. Anti-glare/anti-radiation screens which fit over standard computer screens (traditional or flat panel) are available by arrangement.