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Fri 21 Jun – Tue 23 Jul

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June 2024

Tue 25
Designing Conference Posters (Engineering for Sustainable Development MPhil) (2 of 2) In progress 11:00 - 12:30 Department of Engineering, Lecture Room 3

onference posters are a simple, visual, and effective way of sharing your research. They may be presented at academic or professional conferences, Departmental events, or educational events for the general public. A well-designed poster allows you to communicate information about your work in a concise and appealing manner, and engage with colleagues, peers and others in a conversational setting.

Creating a conference poster is a balancing act between including enough detail to effectively describe your work, and keeping it visually attractive and minimal enough that people can understand at least the main points at a glance.

This module will help you create effective conference posters and introduce key design principles.

Session 1 - is the workshop on how to make posters Session 2 - peer review session on the posters the students have created.

July 2024

Tue 2
West Hub Open Programme: Online Profiles [Open] 11:00 - 12:00 West Hub, South Room

How to grow, and managing your online presence, to promote visibility and boost engagement. Whether you are looking to share your research, join the job market or network with likeminded individuals.

To book to attend this session and secure your place, please follow the below link:

Tue 23
West Hub Open Programme: Poster Like a Pro [Open] 11:00 - 12:00 West Hub, West Room 2

Top tips for designing an effective posters; whether to share your researcher or to publicise and promote your events and/or company.

To book on this session and secure your place, please visit the link below: