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Mon 17 Jun – Tue 25 Jun

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Tuesday 25 June

Designing Conference Posters (Engineering for Sustainable Development MPhil) (2 of 2) In progress 11:00 - 12:30 Department of Engineering, Lecture Room 3

onference posters are a simple, visual, and effective way of sharing your research. They may be presented at academic or professional conferences, Departmental events, or educational events for the general public. A well-designed poster allows you to communicate information about your work in a concise and appealing manner, and engage with colleagues, peers and others in a conversational setting.

Creating a conference poster is a balancing act between including enough detail to effectively describe your work, and keeping it visually attractive and minimal enough that people can understand at least the main points at a glance.

This module will help you create effective conference posters and introduce key design principles.

Session 1 - is the workshop on how to make posters Session 2 - peer review session on the posters the students have created.