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Instructor-led course

Provided by: Cambridge Centre for Teaching and Learning

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An Introduction to Undergraduate Supervision (Problem Sheet-Based Subjects)


This course prepares you to supervise undergraduate students at the University of Cambridge in problem sheet-based subjects. It explores the challenges and approaches involved in supervising undergraduates as well as providing practical advice and strategies.

The course consists of three components:

1. A pre-workshop self-paced module containing information on the Cambridge supervision system and introduces the principles and practices of effective teaching and learning.
2. An in-person workshop that incorporates personal reflection on teaching practice, design of learning activities, discussion of real teaching scenarios, a chance to discuss and ask questions and access to practical information about organising and carrying out your supervisions.
3. A post-workshop information pack containing additional resources for ongoing support and information

Please note that all postgraduate students who supervise undergraduates must complete this course: both the workshop (or equivalent face-to-face training provided by your Department or Faculty) and the online module.

Bookings for all workshops will close two days before the workshop to give participants time to complete the online module ahead of the in person workshop

Target audience

New supervisors in subjects that assign problem sheets as supervision work, such as Chemistry, Engineering, Maths, Physics, etc


Completion of Pre-Workshop Online Materials

  • All participants will be directed to an online module in advance of attending the in-person workshop
  • This online module will provide some background information on Cambridge undergraduate teaching and the role of the supervisor in enhancing student learning as well as some reflective activities
  • Completion of this module is necessary for you to be able to participate in the subsequent in-person workshop.

By the end of this course you will know:

  • the purpose of supervisions at Cambridge
  • how to deal with common supervision scenarios
  • how to provide effective feedback
  • the practicalities of starting to supervise

Topics covered:

  • Introduction to supervising (including what supervisions are, format, preparing for them)
  • Background information (British education system, Cambridge undergraduate system)
  • Role of a supervisor
  • Designing learning activities
  • Inclusive discussions and interactions
  • Dealing with different supervision scenarios
  • Effective feedback practices
  • Practical tips and advice for planning supervisions
  • Resources for ongoing support and information

Blended learning course consists of introductory online component, an in-person workshop, comprising of discussions and activities and a follow-up online component.

Post-workshop online material
  • After taking part in the in-person workshop, you will be given access to a permanent online resource which will include examples of supervisory practices across different disciplines as well as more detailed information about aspects of supervision practices at the University of Cambridge.
  • It will provide information on topics such as using CamCORS, supervising students with disabilities, and useful Library resources.
  • In addition, the package will include links to useful discipline-specific materials such as departmental marking criteria and supervision guides.

Online sessions (Module 1): approximately 1-1.5 hours

In-person workshop: 3 hours, including a coffee break (refreshments not provided)


Multiple instances throughout the academic year

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